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VBEAM / V-BEAM - Advice Pretty Please

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Hi Guys,

I' am booked in for a Vbeam Treatment on the 28th of June. I have tons of red marks and shallow INDENTED scarring across both my cheeks - they are saucer shape & I also have deep fibrous scarring on a small area at the side of my cheek. I cant take a picture because I don't own a camera - I literally run and hide when anybody pulls one out - I HATE CAMERAS! and consequently I do not own one. However, hopefully I can post before and after pictures from my derms office.

I am recieving my treatment with Dr. Greg Goodman at the Dermatology Institute of Victoria in Melbourne Australia - (G'Day ;) )

From my research on these boards, it seems Vbeam is not as popular as other lasers out there. It is primarily used to treat red marks and results seem to vary.

I have read a couple of logs that vbeam has greatly diminished red marks and EVEN removed shallow scarring. On the other hand I have read logs where improvement on red marks let alone scars has been negligible.

So, I really don't know what to expect and as my lovely mother keeps telling me if you expect nothing you will be pleasantly surprised rather than to expect a lot and be dissapointed...

Anyway, if any of you out there have had this treatment done, interested in it or just want to drop me a line its all appreciated :)

Love Frida.k

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