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*Great Sunscreen for the Summer

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:cool: So I have very sensitive facial skin which reacts to about 99% of all topical products and medications. Even products that are adervertised as "non-irritating" or "for sensitive skin" still make my face red and burn a little. Naturally I was searching for a suitable sunscreen to help protect my skin in the sun. I found a great over-the-counter one made by Eqaute. I got it at Wal-Mart. I don't know if this brand is specific to Wal-Mart only, but some research would help discover if this partricular sunscreen is available else where. This sunscreen is a a good SPF 50, and is non-irritating, and wont clog pores. It's made from a clear Zinc Oxide and the active ingredient is Octinoxate 7.5% rather than AVOBENZONE which about all other sunscreens use. Dan states on his products page, that Avobenzone is a ingredient that usually irritates skin. This one does not irritate my skin at all, and doesn't burn or make my face feel "tight". The only downsides is that it is a cream base, and very messy. But those negatives are nothing compared to the benefit it gives. Please if anyone else has used this, please give your reviews for other people. Summer is approaching and if where you live gets a lot of sun, this product might be worth checking out. Hope this helps others.
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I initially thought the same thing when I used it for a family vacation, but in the end it broke me out :doh:

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No... maybe the equate won't break you out though.

I wonder if the Aveeno brand of facial sunscreen is any good. Has anyone tried it???

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