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constant picking due to meds

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****Hi, I'm 29 and have cystic acne. It has gotten progressively worse since I started taking adipex. I constantly want to pick at my face!! I used to only get the pick pop-able zits, and now they're all really deep-set painful cysts. Oh, and my face is DRY!!

For the last month my face has stayed clear with some new-found tricks and help from this site!

***** Cover your mirrors in your home, especially the ones in your bathroom where you pick. I use hand towels, wide enough to fit across the whole mirror. that way they can double as a hand towel rack when you're done washing your hands/brushing your teeth!!

If you do pop and afterwards feel horrible and stressed about how you will look tomorrow try this:

1. Start by washing your hands (hopefully again) with soap, I use dawn with degreaser and COLD water.

2. When fully rinsed off, rinse your face off with just COLD water. Using your clean hands rinse your face with water trying to remove all excess oils .

3. Grab ice and wrap in a clean cloth-like paper towel. Hold ice on various PICKED spots for as long as you can (I do this until the ice is melted)

4. Wash with Cetaphil and no water.... twice. First I work into a lather and use a very soft cloth-like paper towel to gently message and clean the dirty off your skin.

5. Wash with Cetaphil again, this time wiping off with cloth or another cloth-like paper towel just enough to get the cetaphil off the skin, but leaving enough on to keep from drying-out.

6. If there are several red spots, take some caladryl or calamine lotion and dab on the spots with a Q-tip. (I leave the cap off the calamine for a day or two and once a day drain the water off the top so that it becomes thick and pasty, and better stays on your skin)

7. In the morning I do not wash my face. When I take a shower I just let whatever natural water run over. . but nothing more, and blot dry, and don't rub roughly with your towel.

8. I use neutrogena acne spot cover with sacylic acid to dry up the spots. I let that dry for a few minutes, then add my normal make-up.

9. I wash my face at lunch and re-apply the makeup.

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oh BTW, I take a multi vitamin + potassium suppliments. I also try to stay away from fried foods.

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