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salicylic acid + BP + Tea tree oil?

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Right now I'm using the otc version of dan's reg. I've read that people have had negative reactions when trying to use other stuff, but I've also read that some have added or subtracted things in order to find the right overall skincare.

I want to know if I can use:

Origins spot remover (contains 1.00% salicylic acid) - I read that this could have negative reactions with the BP so it's on hold for now. Anyone have positive results from using salicylic acid when also using BP? If I were to use this it would be mid-day, not immediately after the BP, but probably 1/2 way between my morning and night routine.

Natural Tea Tree Oil Facial Cleansing Pads- I'd like to use this stuff too because it smells so woodsy and seems like it would help because of all the natural things in it that i've heard good stuff about, but again, I'm afraid of unwanted corallaries resulting from using this with the BP.

It contains: Hamamelis Virginiana (witch hazel) Extract, Organic grain alcohol, tea tree leaf oil, organic calendula officinalis flower oil, organic chamomile oil, organic lavender oil, organic lemongrass oil, chamomile extract, golden seal extract, hawaiian white ginger root extract, bladderwrack extract, and neem seed oil.

Anybody know much about the ingridients in those pads, or how they would react with the BP regimen? I've read that it wouldn't be good to use while doing the BP morning and night, but it also said some have had good results while using other products. And again, I would be using those two in the interim between my morning and night routine, not at the same time.

Last question, If i were to use those last two products, or at least one of them, should I reapply a moistureizer after I let them sit for a while?

Any tips or answers to my questions would be helpful.

Thank you

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