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The regime really does work

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When i first started the regime I didn't have much hope and I dind't think it would work, But I am amazed at the results, I really am, and My skin is really clear now, and before my skin was very bad, whats a differnece 9weeks can make. I used this gentle cleanser from boots, oxy on the spot 2.5%, and neutroegena oil free moisteriser every night.



Me again

I am really excited, I keep having my hair up, instead of down hiding my spots, and I don't wear foundation anymore.

But i did something really annoying yesterday. I absolutly hate it when some1 with beuatiful skin gets a tiny spot and all the do is complain about it, It annoys me so much, because when my skin was bad i never even noticed if i had a new spot they all just merged together, it seems like none of them ever went. I wouldn't have even been able to count them. Well yesterday i got the tinyest pimple on my cheek and I was like arghh, trying to find the concealer. I can not believe i did that, because it is like not even noticable lol

Anyway good look with the regime anyone that is doing it, It really does work, Don't give up, my skin was worse for the first 2weeks and i nearly quit!


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You really look quite beautiful smile.gif

Thanks for posting and providing some hope for the rest of us.

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You look great. Keep up the good work!

Btw, I think the reason you feel worse when you are near to clear and you get one spot is because it is so much more noticeable, so it is only natural to freak more!

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Congratulations lucy!

The pictures look great! It's sometimes hard to tell with pix, but if you are no longer even wearing foundation...that's FANTASTIC!!! smile.gif

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