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An idea to make a list of acne causes

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I thought it would be handy if we would make a list of all the acne causes out there (except the really unlikely) . And than possible treatments for them. I think that most acne is treatable but because everyone just has a different cause theyll always get the wrong treatment that worked for others (with other causes). What do you guys think of the idea to make a list ordered on how common they are (guessed of course). And then put in the possible nutritional/holistic treatments and tests you can do to find out you have them. I think that with this list people would have it easier to find there causes and treat them. Instead of just getting the "popular" treatment that is in the topic at the moment they look. They may start colostrum while there cause isnt even leaky gut. Or something like that.

Before we start I first want to know what you think about this idea. Good? Bad? Good but way to long and inaccurate?

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Covering all these interrelated things:

-Stable Blood Sugar/good Glucose Metabolism (no link because it's below in this post)

-Anti-Inflammatory diet and lifestyle

-Improving Hormone Balance

-Healthy Liver Function

-Healthy Adrenal Function

-Good, Complete Digestion

-Allergies and food intolerances

-Reducing Hyperkeratinization/Hyperproliferation- Stage 1 in the formation of acne.

-Good Sleep/Light exposure/Circadian cycle.


-Hypothyroid - lowers SHBG levels, increases inflammation


-Immune system

-Topical treatment

-Regular Exercise - affects nearly everything, like blood sugar, sleep, stress, mood,

-Body Fat - affects inflammation and hormone levels

-Brain health, Mood, Willpower, Depression, etc


-Oily skin, fat metabolism and Sebum quality

-Lipid metabolism

-Your Health - Numbers to know and monitor

-Anti-Aging - because someone asked and the same diet and lifestyle habits help that too.

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Anyone who has lived with adult acne for several years and it seems like nothing is working should look at the role unresolved emotional issues play. For more info on the topic, check out the free SkinDeep book on this website. It's amazing and allowed me to finally get rid of my extremely persistent adult acne.


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Common acne causes:

-Citrus allergy (allergy to the protein in citrus, not the acid)

-Soy allergy (soy protein)

-Gluten allergy (gluten protein)

-Yeast allergy (yeast protein)

-Nut allergy (nut protein)

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