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I See Your True Colours Shining Through..

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Day 50

I may have learned a valuable lesson today (although probably not). The weather here in Southwestern Canada is GORGEOUS right now. Today was a perfect beach day and I have not been out to the beach yet this year. I did wear SPF however I did not have an umbrella or one of those sexy floppy hats. Needless to say I got burnt. I am not to worried though, as burns usually turn into tans the next day. We shall see though. My face was well covered, thankfully I will post a pic of when my dad threw a towel over my head to keep me protected from the sun, hah! Funny guy!

Acnewise, I notice fewer and fewer breakouts, not to say they are not there. I get a little happier each week that passes by. Although, I have not passed the point yet of wondering what new pimples I will see in the morning. I am still bothered by all the scars I have but I realize once I get the pimples under control I can focus on that. It just takes time!

Alright, picture time.

All of the pictures were taken today. The first is from my webcam, so a little blurry. Do not know if you can see my burn or not, hah.

Second and third are taken with the digital camera. One is before heading out to the beach and the other is me with a lovely towel on my head to protect me from the sun ( I did not keep it on long, as I did not want to scare the other beachgoers)




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Hi Calabi!! :wavey:

I just read your entire log, and I just wanted to say that I definitely see an improvement in your skin!! Keep up the good work and the positive attitude - you'll have gorgeous skin soon enough :)

I love that you're Canadian as well - you're right, today was a scorcher!! I was too chicken shit to stay outside and tan though :cry: I'm new to Accutane so I'm being extra cautious right now, but I have a feeling that when I'm about a month and a half in I'll be itching to break all the rules..ahh I have to be good, I have to be good!

I'll keep checking in on you..toodles!


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Keep up the progress! Looking good. Hope the improvements keep coming!

Im scared of the sun too. Im a pastey white man. I read all the blogs where people are getting burnt after a little exposure so I just avoid it altogether. Lame since I love the sun and I tan very well. Im in Buffalo and its going to be in the 90s all week. Perfect weather for doing things outside and drinking some beers.

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work is good thank you, and people are begining to comment on the improvement of my face!so the acutane must be doing something!

yeah the nose bleeds arnt so bad now, keep shoving vasaline up my nose, so thats helping!

definatly recomend that u are careful in the sun.

i went on a 8 mile walk yesterday, looked really overcast so didnt really bother with the spf as thought id keep jacket on, anyway was boiling! i now look like a lobster and it is really painful, also its made my scars on face look even more inflamed and angry.

im so annoyed at my self for getting burnt!

my big worry at the mo is also my scar damage. derm said something about hyper pigmentation? she wasnt very chatty (not my usual doctor) and seemed to want to get me in and out quick as poss. she has upped my dose to 50mg, which is the most i can go up to.

what is your dose now?

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Another Canadian joining the ranks! The more the merrier! Good luck with your treatment, I will be keeping up with your log as well.

Thanks for the nice comments. I definitely did learn my lesson with going out in the sun. I got burnt and now I am peeling. It is not so nice looking.


I usually tan quite nicely too, I rarely burn. Except for now but I contribute alot of that to sitting out in 95 degree heat for a few hours even with sunblock on Don't give up on doing things outside in the gorgeous weather, just be careful. Sit under and umbrella or shade for a while so you are not in constant sun. I learned my lesson. haha


Nice to hear that everything is going well. It is nice when people give you positive comments on your skin. It makes my day. How did the 8 mile walk go otherwise? That sounds pretty ambitious, I wish I had the motivation to do that.

I definitely will be more careful in the sun from now on. Lesson learned.

It is funny isn't it. When you have acne you swear you will be happy when it starts to go away but then you are left with scars and it can be extremely disheartening.

That is my problem now too. What kinds of things were you looking into for when you are done Accutane?

I am still on 40 mg. Let me know how you like 50. I think when I see the doctor next in August, I may ask him to bring me to 50mg. He won't put me on anything higher then 60 mg.

Excited to be starting month 3 soon?

Day 57

This is the third time I have tried to post a reply in 3 days, and each time my window keeps getting shut down. Grrr, it is extremely annoying. So, I decided to write

my reply in Notepad first and then post it. Brilliance! Why didn't I think of this days ago?

I learned why it is not good to throw caution to the wind while on 'tane. When I went to the beach last Monday and had a glorious time laying out in the sun ( although I was wearing sunblock)

in hopes to get some colour, I ended up burnt. I will post a pic. My skin was red.

Now I thought this would turn into a nice tan, and it had for a couple of days. I thought, see I am alright.. I have always tanned pretty easily and my skin has not been overly sensitive to sunrays ( I also used to tan in tanning beds, terrible I know)

Well.... I was wrong. I am now peeling, terribly all over my chest, shoulders, back, arms. I look like a snake shedding its skin. Lesson learned. I will still go to the beach ( come on it is SUMMER) but I will take extra precautions. I will bring an umbrella, and possibly

a hat. I will also reapply sunblock often.

Good news! I am starting Month 3 very soon! One more month and I am halfway done. I have read many logs and posts here on acne.org and it seems to be

the magic month. This is the month where people really begin to notice a big change. I am ready for this big change. I often get annoyed with crappy side effects but I know it has to be worth it in the end.

There are not too many actves on my face now, mostly along the jawline on my right side which has seemed to be my problem area throughout the course so far and a new on on my right eyebrow. Not trying to sound like a negative Nelly because I am greatful my face is clearing up, but my scars seem so much more prominent. I do believe the emu oil is helping fade them but I do believe I may need to go a more drastic route in the future. What are you guys considering doing after being off accutane?

Hope everyone is enjoying their July so far.

Here is the picture. Can you see the burn, ouch? Also, tell me if I am totally off kilter here, but can you not see how bloodshot my eyes are?


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Day 60

It's finally here!! The end of month 2! :D I seriously can not believe how time has been flying by. ( Of course at the beginning, I most likely did not feel this way.)

I am very excited for month 3! You hear such great things about this elusive month 3. The Magic Month I call it. My doctor told me this would be the month I would notice a big difference by and according to the many logs I have read, that seems about right. What do you guys think?

Accutane - Kills Acne Dead!

You know those Raid commercials? Kills Bugs Dead! That is how I feel about my face right now. That something is taking down those nasty enemy pimples. My face has not been this clear in a very long while. It is not perfect, but I am happier with it each and every day I wake up. I have a few actives right now, a couple bumps on my right jawline, my upper right cheek and a nice fresh one on my left temple.

So, I had a scary little mishap the other day which I do not believe to be Accutane-related but I thought I would post anyways. I was in the shower the other day when I began to feel extremely faint and like I was going to be sick. I got out of the shower as quick as I could and sat on the floor with my head resting on the side of the tub. I must have then blacked out for a little bit, and woke up on the floor. It was no more than a couple minutes but it was a little bit freaky. I believe it was caused by low blood sugar. That will teach me to jump in the shower without having some breakfast first.

Regardless, I get my blood work done soon so hopefully everything is A OK with that.

These are my end of Month 2 pictures, excuse the crappy webcam quality.As you can see, I still have lots of marks and my face isn't perfect but I am happy with the way it is coming along.



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Hooray!! Thats awesome that your getting better, but more importantly, feeling better too. Thanx for posting in my log. My success was short lived unfortunately but I'll be there soon. Your the improvements continue for you. You deserve it :)

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hi hun! month 3 whoop whoop!

i cant beleive its been a week sine i got burnt and it still hasnt gone down! my arms are bright red, everyone commenting...even the ASDA till lady! bit concerned, usually just go brown after few days. its sooo itchy aswell. and flaky!

hope ur sun burn heals quicker than mine!!

still not getting out breaks- thats a lie. got one pimple on my chest actually! just remembered! but thats no problem! can deal with one!

not sure what to do bout the scaring at the mo. whats this emu oil u talk about? does it help with scars?

i dont know what my red marks are really.scars? or hyperpigmentation? so dont know how to treat.

after the 'tane im going to look in to microdermabrasion, as i have a few depressions in the skin. i will definatly go for a consultation at a laser clinic or something and get some advice.

my boyf was rubbing my back the other day and kept saying how smooth my skin is now, not just coz the spots have gone but the feel of my skin is softer. so that was nice!

weird about ur eyes. did u ask derm about it? have u tried the drops?


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Hey! I just read your log and I'm so glad you've been seeing improvement. Also, I'm from Ontario as well! Woohooooooo. Keep us posted on how Month 3 goes because as you say, it seems to be considered the turning point in the treatment where our skin really starts improving. Yay! :D

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goodz19 I am trying to remain positive, which is hard sometimes. It sucks when you have setbacks, this past week was on for me but I just keep on truckin’. Hopefully, you begin to notice some big changes soon, sounds like you are starting to.

hop3 Thanks for the compliments. Love how supportive everyone is on this site, it makes my day!

!!sunshine!!! Whoop, there it is! Month 3. How is yours treating you so far?

How’s the burn doing? Mine is pretty much gone, still a little bit of peeling. Definitely gotta be more careful next time, hah. Damn, not being able to sit out on a beach and tan.

Glad to hear you are not having many break outs. Smooth skin, who would have thought a couple months back. I had a little set back this past week, but they seem to be going down pretty quickly. Month 3, work your magic!

Emu Oil is a natural skin softener, and it moisturizes. It is supposed to help fade red marks and is non comedogenic, so it should not cause breakouts. I have been using it for about two months. I believe it is helping and it makes my skin feel nice and smooth, but it feels really slimy when it is on. Thanks for the reminder, I need to order more.

I have no clue what I am going to do about my scarring, but I guess we have a while to think about that. Time to start saving money! Sounds like microdermabrasion may be the way to go.

becauseofashley Thanks, so much! I am hoping Magic Month 3 makes the difference!

brighteyed Hello my fellow Ontarioan ( if that is even a word, hah) I will definitely keep you all posted on month 3, no matter how it goes.

Day 66 , if I can count!

So, I had a little bit of a setback this week. As much as you set yourself up for the possibility, it is still disheartening. You wonder what you did wrong and you get yourself in a frenzy wondering if it will work, and if it was all for nothing. Another thing that had me in a tizzy this week was how extremely exhausted I felt. I felt like a complete zombie. It was strange but I am feeling better today so I am hoping it was some kind of fluke. I slept for 12 hours last night, and woke up feeling tons better. I even hopped on the treadmill today. I need to learn to stop stressing myself out over miniscule things and perhaps focus my energy on much more positive things. I am going to make a list of goals tonight after work that will help me do this. Working out more will definitely be on the top of that list.

Cheer Up, Sleepy Jean

I have a lot to look forward to these next coming months. Why feel sorry for myself, it takes up too much time.

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I had a little bit of a breakdown today. I saw my face in this awful, low lighting at a restaurant when I went out with a few friends for dinner today. The scars were unreal. I almost cried right there in front of the washroom mirror. I pulled it together because come on, who wants to see a girl bawling in a bathroom. I have been trying to remain positive throughout my course as much as possible but today due to stress, low confidence (who knows what) my heart just sank and I did not talk much throughout the rest of the evening.

So I have a question out of desperation. What can I do during my accutane for scarring treatments? Anything besides emu or jojoba oil. I know that microdermabrasion/ laser treatments are not allowed until 6 months after. What has worked for other people?

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:( I'm so sorry. I know exactly what you mean. A couple months ago my roommates dragged me out to dinner, even though I really didn't want to go (because of my face. no big surprise there). Well, I made myself look to be what I thought was presentable and then I actually started having a good time until one of the girls insisted on taking a bunch of pictures. When I looked at them it totally crushed me and no one could understand why I went from being my normal bubbly self to looking like I was on the verge of tears. Keep hanging in there. All I can say is that our days as acne sufferers are numbered. Within the next few months, we can change that label to acne survivors! And we've come this far, we can definitely go a little further. Chin up! :)

I don't know what can really be done about scarring during the Accutane process. I'm nowhere close to crossing that bridge. I'm dealing with my actives first, and then I'll move onto PIH and scarring. Just a thought... emu oil has worked fantastically for me. It clears up red marks at least 10x quicker and it soothes the skin. I mix a few drops in with my moisturizer every night before I go to bed and it makes a world of difference. But you are right, we have to be very gentle with our skin. I hope you find a treatment that works well for you. I can't wait to see the pictures of you where you finally love the skin you're in. You deserve it!

Good luck!


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I've been off of Accutane for about a month now and I already can't wait to get some peels or something to help get rid of the scars. Mine aren't too bad but it's enough where it creates a rough texture when I'm in bad lighting. Ugh. For a long time I've been using Derma E's Scar Gel. It's really simple, made with only a few ingredients (none of which should make you break out). I put it on at night and it seems to help. It's not a MIRACLE but it definitely helps and lightens any redness while I wait until I can get a professional treatment done.

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hi calabi!

i dont really post on my log any more, so ill just tell you, and others will read it too!!

My sun burn is freaking me out! it hasnt gone! ive been left with bright red arms that are itchy! everyone comments on them! it must be the tablets, but i look like a freak!

since my dose has gone up, ive noticed that every where is dryer. ive got patches of dry skin all over my body. and inside my nose is sooooo sore. ive been putting vaseline up there at night but it doesnt make much of a difference, if i blow my nose there is always a bit of blood. (bit too much info!?)

The corners of my mouth are a little dry too, but just keep layereing the carmex!

i had a blood shot eye the other day! it lasted about 3 days. how are your eyes now?

do you have bio oil over there? it is ment to be good with healing stretch marks and red marks, but dont know if it would course a break out with it being oil?

had blood work done yesterday, they butchered me! it took both arms and a go at the back of my hand to get any blood! OUCH!!!

i get down too some days, especially when out and look in fitting room mirrors! grrrr. u can see all angels as well in some..mirrors everywhere. its the side of my face that is the worst, really gets me down.cant ever wear my hair up.any way we will get through this. am researching treatments today. will keep u posted. x

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I have been dodging photos for the past 7 months since my acne started getting bad. It can be a real bother, especailly when people want to post the photos on facebook and you just want to burn them. :( I,too, am glad that part of our lives will be done with soon and confidence is just around the corner.

I also use emu oil and I love it. I was just having a terrible day and wanted a quick fix I guess. But, I am feeling better now and realize it takes time but the scars will eventually fade. Thanks so much for the post, it made me feel better.


Thanks for the suggestion and congrats on being one month post 'tane! What kind of treatments have you been looking into for down the road?


hey no problem, i do not mind sharing and I am always glad to hear your updates! :D

Funny you mention bio oil, as I just picked some up the other day. haha Now I have emu oil, jojoba oil and bio oil. Hmm, maybe I should pick one and stick to it.

Ouch! Sounds like a vicious trial getting your blood taken. Why did it take them so many tries to get any? I hope they gave you a lollipop or balloon to make up for it, haha. Seriously though, sounds extremely painful.

Yes, fitting room mirrors are another type of mirror I can not stand. Just another thing to add to the list. Oh well, a few more months and this hopefully will not be a problem. Let me know how your research goes!

Day 73, HOLY CRAP!!

I am astounded that it is day 73 already. Basically halfway through magic month 3! :D

So, despite my post last week , I am not feeling too bad about myself. Yes, I have scars. I still have to wear makeup when I go out, but for the first time in a while my skin is clearing up... The scars will hopefully fade on their own ( with some help from skin care regimen).

I am so ready for August to come along! Lots of great things on the go for this upcoming month and I am ready to get out and have a great time and just let loose. It has been a long while since I have gone out and just enjoyed myself without thinking of acne. I am going to see my favourite singer, performer on the ninth, Michael Buble. Ever heard of him? Perhaps the sexiest, sweetest Canadian singer ever. :wub: ...swoon. haha but in all seriousness, I absolutely love his music style and his personality. I also am starting to plan a camping trip ( hoping it does not fall through) for my friends and I. I love to go camping, it is so peaceful and I always a good time. It is a huge thing for me though because it has been a long while since I have been around anyone with no makeup. Who I am kidding. I will definitely be bringing some foundation with me, regardless.

Also, I get to see my doctor this month which means an update on my skin and what dose I will stay at. It also gives me a chance to go over some side effects, mostly the fact that I still have bloodshot eyes! This whole perma stoner look, is definitely not an attractive look, haha. & I do not even smoke up.

Oh well, we shall see how she goes. Pictures will be posted soon, I promise!

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Glad to see you're in a little better spirits. Ive read many logs where once you are done w/ your course, the marks begin to fade faster. Hope that's the case for you, and me too. Enjoy your concert and camping trip. You deserve a good time :)

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Hopefully makeup will soon be a thing of the past for you! :) I'm thrilled to see your progress. I really hope you'll have the opportunity to go camping and have a blast!

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goodz19 I think accutane is causing some major mood swings, hah! One day I am so happy with my fact, the next day I am not so happy, but that is life I guess. I am happy that the acne is going away and I know that marks will fade and that there are many options

once treatment is done, albeit it costs some major moula. Thanks for the kind words. I will keep you updated on how the trips go!

time_travelerI know, right? I like that time is flying while I am on accutane, although not so much that the summer is flying

OursFan I can not wait till I feel comfortable to go out without makeup. Soon enough I hope. Glad that you have noticed a difference already in the amount of makeup you wear.

Day 80 - Almost done Month 3]

What? This is insanity. Didn't I just start on 'tane. Feels like yesterday. So many thoughts flying through my head at the moment.

I am so excited to be almost done month 3 and to see my doctor soon. I think he will be impressed.

SO what exactly is going on with my acne right now? I had a nice breakout this week, BUMMER. Right along the jawline, one huge one and some other smaller ones. Also, a few on my cheeks here and there. I am amazed, however, how quickly they dissapear. They last a couple days at most. I am used to these pimples lodging in my face for a good week or two. It is nice to not

have to worry so much about it. I also think the majority of the pimples I had this week came from overdry skin. I was using the bio oil, but ran out of moisturizer for a couple days, so

my face was not getting moisturized. Word to the wise, bad idea. Never skip moisturizing! It is a godsend to have a great moisturizer while on accutane.

Side Effect wise, not too bad. My eyes are still extremely bothersome though so I am happy to see the doc soon. I hope he can give me something other then Visine or Naturale Tears which clearly are not working. Or refer me to an eye doctor. Otherwise, same old side effects.

On a personal note. I got my hair dyed. I went from blonde, blonde to a brown with light blonde highlights. It feels nice to get something done to boost your confidence.

I felt that now my skin was getting clearer , I wanted a different look. Also, I started going on my treadmill again. I felt this was necessary as summer snacking has been a little overboard.

How can you say no to a good old barbecue with chips and hotdogs and burgers....I can't. Also, it makes me feel better about myself in general.

Michael Buble in less than a week has me very, very excited and shopping in London. ( Ontario, though I wish it was England)

Alright, picture time. I promised some in last update so here goes.

The first one was taken a few weeks ago to show all the red marks, yuck! The second is to show, what it looks like close up after I use my foundation. The third is one taken on my webcam of my skin with no makeup, from about a week ago. And last but not least, the new hair colour.






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wow - month 3 soon? good for you, and your skin is looking really nice!!

although it sucks that you had a new breakout, it's really nice to know that at your point in the course the acne clears up rather quickly. I just started month 2 and I cant wait to get to month 3 -- hopefully everyone's comments on month 3 being the turning point in the course is correct :)

I didnt know michael buble was going to london?? amazing!! I'm so jealous that you are going -- you are going to have a fab time. I'm sure he'll love the new hair too ;)

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Your skin is looking good. With makeup you look amazing! Just think, in a few months you may not be wearing that much makeup at all! :D Good for you, doing things to make yourself feel better. When my hair is "fire engine red" I couldn't feel happier! Also glad to hear you're treating your body well. Later!

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Looking great!! Happy for you. Dont dwell on the little stuff. Its all smooth sailing for you for here on out. Im about 20 days behind you and I hope we can just coast from here. Enjoy your time away :)

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