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I See Your True Colours Shining Through..

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Hey just stopping by to say good luck :)

For lip colour I'd suggest a non-greasy lip balm like Chap Stick with MAC lipstick (in a glaze or lustre formula) over top. I find my MAC lipstick (in the shade Hue) is more moisturising than most lip balms I've tried.

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hey hun!

i also break out on the ol' jaw line...what a pain in the arse!very itchy too! my face was really really bad a few days ago but i gota say im def seing an improvement.

i really recomend aveeno moisturiser for body and face! im not experiencing any drynes now! and i havnt had dry lips either using the squeezy tube of carmex. i do apply it through out the day.

oh and for any major spots i take ibruphen then ice them, then apply germoline antiseptic cream, seems to heal them a treat and helps with the red marks.

hope all goes well! xx

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mercyunbound Agreed, especially when the skin starts getting dry. I know what you mean by it going by quick too, three weeks have just flown by. I can not wait for 3 months!

Gotta GT This How did your weekend with your sister go? Did you get lots of bar hopping in? I definitely put a smile on this weekend and had a pretty good time, aside from getting lost a couple times, haha!

faithinhim Thank you so much! It is great to hear from others who have been through the same thing.

CUTiiE Hey, thanks for the advice. You are definitely right about the lip stain. I attempted it this weekend and NO GOOD. lol I finally gave up and stuck with lip balm all night. For lip balm I use Burt's Bees (glad to know they have coloured lip balms I can try)or a lip balm that has emu oil in it. They work well enough, but I have yet to find one that keeps my lips ultra moisturized with no need to re apply every 5 minutes, haha. I hate that, especially at work. Thank you for the good luck, same to you. I will definitely be keeping up with your log!

tv_viewer Thanks for the support and advice. I hear really good things about Mac and I LOVE their eyeshadows so I am surprised I have not tried any of their lip products yet.

!!sunshine!!!! hey my fellow day 22er. I am glad to hear you are seeing an improvement this week. Can not believe we are starting week 4! :D

I definitely had to put ice to a couple of spots last week as I had a wedding on the weekend and did not want huge red cysts to ruin the day. Here is to hoping for no more cysts to ice, haha!

Day 22

Alright! I have made it to week 4 relatively unscathed. I can not believe in 8 days I will be done my first pack and onto month numero 2! I have some new pics too to post my progress thus far, if there has been any but these will come towards the end of the post.

This Week in Acne

Well, right before wedding weekend, that nasty cyst I was talking about in my last post reared its ugly head. I should have figured. I also now have a lovely new cyst on my left cheek. All other breakouts have pretty much been whiteheads along the jawline and lately along the eyebrows which is awkward. I don't know whether to tell if my skin is improving at all. Somedays it seems like it is while others it does not. Patience is the key. Patience is a virtue, blah, blah, blah! :doh:

This Week in Side Effects

My side effects are starting to become more prominent now. It seems as if I am applying lip balm every 5 minutes. It drives me nuts, especially at work when I am around coworkers and customers and I am constantly at my lips. Also, I can not miss a morning or night of moisturizing or else my skin will start to get dry and flaky. Luckily when I am at home I never skip it, so usually my skin is not overly dry. This weekend, however, I went away as previously mentioned and I shared a hotel room with my best friend. I love my best friend and I should trust she would not be judgemental but because I have let nobody sans family see me without makeup on in months (since my skin started breaking out terribly) I decided to fall asleep with my makeup on. BIG MISTAKE. I woke up the next morning and put more makeup on top of my already made up face and my skin was disgusting, flaky and obviously broken out which in theory looked worse then if I had let her see me sans makeup. I will not do this again, I learned from my mistake.

Luckily, as soon as I got home I washed my face and moisturized and did so again before bed and this morning my skin did not look overly dry. Phew. The worst thing so far would have to be something I noticed tonight before taking a shower. I took my hair out of a ponytail and scratched my scalp and skin was just flaking off. I also noticed I had knicked a scab off. EWW. What the heck? I have curly, dry hair to begin with so this Accutane is definitely not helping. I find I have to let conditioner sit in my hair for 20 minutes now, to keep it from getting too dry. I don't know what else to do right now.

Also, who else finds they are getting really tired or need a whole lot more sleep? I left my friends wedding reception a little after 11'o'clock because I was just so tired after a long day of getting lost ( true story), wedding ceremonies, hotel messups, dancing, laughing and having a good time. Also, last night after getting back from Kitchener, I fell asleep at 10:30 and slept through the night.

Time for pictures!!

The first one is of me and my best friend before leaving for the wedding. Thank goodness for makeup!

The second one is of me, my best friend and my other great friend who was a bridesmaid in the wedding. You can tell the makeup is starting to wear off by this picture, hah!

Last one is my fave, it captures my personality, completely. haha! I am a weird one. I woke up the morning after the wedding and captured this lovely shot of myself and my lions mane ( as my best friend called it) I promised her I would post it on the internet somewhere, so here goes. :dance:




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breanana Thanks for the positivitiy! I really hope that it is starting to clear up but somedays it seems like it is worse... oh well, takes time right?

Day 24

I am going to start this post off with a little bit of a humorous story. :D

At work the other day, a coworker who is a guy ( an acquaintance outside of work as well) was asking me how the wedding weekend went. We talked for a bit and he asked if it was open bar or not. It was not. He proceeded to say how that was a bummer and I replied with something along the lines of " That is Ok. I am not supposed to be drinking anyways." Wrong Answer! You could see the expression in his face and I just knew what he was thinking. Also, another coworker was nearby and I am sure she could overhear the conversation. :redface: I quickly then blurted out " Because of a new medication I am taking." Oh Dear! This is why you should not tell personal stories at work. Needless to say , if I have balloons at work waiting for me the next time I come in saying "Congratulations" I will know why.

Thought you guys may enjoy that one as I am sure this has probably come up a couple of times in conversations you have had with friends or family members alike.

Be Gone Acne

So, my jawline on the right side of my face seems to be causing me the most trouble, or maybe just the right side of my face in general. Do you guys find that one side seems to be more susceptible to acne then the other? I also have a lovely new visitor on the right side, below my lip. I still don't know whether I see a difference on my skin yet. I can almost guarantee when I go in to see the doc in a little over a week he is going to up my dose.

How far in advance do you get your blood work taken before you see the dermatologist? I should have asked him this last time but I guess it skipped my mind. The place I get my blood taken is also in the same building as my doctors. I was thinking maybe a week ahead of time.

Hello Side Effects

Side effect wise not much is different from last post. Dryness. That pretty much sums it up. I think I could be a spokesperson for The Life Brand of Natural Spring Water. There are 3 bottles on the dresser near my bed as we speak and I drink them as if they were the last drops of water on earth.

I am so happy that today is my day off because I love not having to wear any makeup. Seriously, it is the greatest feeling to just let my face go au naturel for a while. I envy the girls who can go out without it and still look amazing. Most people would think I love makeup because of the amount I wear all the time but really I am not fond of it at all. It is what it is, a cover up. Here is to looking forward to the day I can go out without it and feel proud and confident! :D

Hope everyone elses journey is going well so far!

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Hi calabi! I love your story haha. I'll have to remember not to say anything like that, especially not around my boyfriend (he'd FREAK!) LOL.

Before my first prescription, I got my blood work done the day before and my results were at the doctor's office the next day (thought not inputted into the computer yet). However, I should add that my derm's office works closely with the place I went to called Quest. They said if I went to a Quest, they'd have the info right away. If it's in the same building, they should be able to get the results within a day.

Where I got my blood work done, they said the earliest I could come in to get my next month's blood work done is on the same date of the next month. I got my blood drawn on May 14th and cannot go back until June 14th so I guess exactly a month? To be safe, I would call your derm's office!

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Also, what kind of foundation do you use? I'm on the hunt for an Accutane skin friendly one.

And HAH, you call that a lion's mane? I need to post a picture of my hair in the morning! LMAO

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I definitely need to think before I speak sometimes. I can lack in that area. And yes, probably not the greatest thing to say to the boyfriend. haha

Yeah, I never had to get bloodwork done before going on Accutane, which I find weird. I asked the doc and he said no. I am gonna go a week ahead of time athough I have no doubt they would probaby have the results to them the next day

I currently use the Lise Watier colour wheels to cover the spots, then I use Almay foundation. I am not all that pleased with the coverage but it is oil free so I figure it is not that bad. I LOVE the Lise Water cover wheel though. I am thinking of looking into mineral makeup cause I hear it works wonders.. What do you use?

Yeah, my hair looks more so like a lion mane when I wear it naturally curl then get up in the morning. It is scary. haha

Day 27

Almost done month one! :dance: And that is pretty much all the good news there is, haha You know the whole "positive outlook" thing. Not working so well for me the past few days. My face looks like a mess of pimples. It is pretty disheartening.

Side effect wise, things seem to be a pain in the arse as well. I now get to add dry, irritated eyes to this lovely mess, which I think may be causing headaches. That, or I am a hypochondriac and I am imagining all of this. Which could be true. Definitely will be buying some Visine today, as well as a scalp treatment. Does anyone have any good suggestions?

Alright, I tried to keep my Pity Party Short and Sweet. As for good news, I LOVE the Emu oil. I really feel as it if is helping take some of the redness away and taking away some of the dryness. Also, my doctor's appointment is a week from Monday and I am thinking he will up my dose. Maybe that will make a difference. Patience my grasshopper. I keep telling myself this or I will go crazy. Good things come to those who wait . :pray:

Oh, quick story. I was watching Accutane results videos on youtube the other day and I started to tear up. :cry: The differences were so amazing, and you could just tell how Accutane changed their lives for the better. Everyone looked so much more happy and proud in the post accutane photos. This really does give me hope.

I will post pics at the end of Month One.

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I got very excited in the store when I found it, I mean ioverly excited! I just had to post.

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I got very excited in the store when I found it, I mean ioverly excited! I just had to post.

that stuff the best ever :dance:

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Day 30 A.K.A End of Month 1

I have made it! One month down, five left to go. :dance:

While I do not see much, if any, of a difference,I do feel better to have one month down. It just means I am one months closer to clear skin. :D

Picked up my second pack of Clarus pills today, and tomorrow I am going to get my blood work done. Wish me luck! Good thing I am not afraid of needles. Doctor's visit is this upcoming Monday as well. Wonder what he will say, hmm?...

Acne, my arch enemy

My face has been acting up quite a bit lately. The jawline on my right side seems to be the worst. Also, it seems as if the top half of my face is clearing, but the lower half is breaking out. I am posting pics so you can see what I am talking about. I have found it increasingly harder to go to work lately because of my breakouts and all the dryness. I am always worried about how visible my pimples are and of skin flaking off, which is GROSS. It mostly happens around my lips and jawline.

Side effects,coming in at a close second

I am getting used to everything being dry, for the most past. The only thing really bothering me (to an extent that I feel the need to bring it up with my doctor) are my eyes. They are so dry that I find myself squinting throughout the day ( Attractive, especially at work) and things at times can seem almost blurry. It is most definitely causing me to have headaches. I have never had trouble with my eyes before, my sight tends to be impeccable. I am that person who can read signs easily from far away and not have troubles, until now. My night vision has always been pretty good as well. Not so much now. This has just seemed to have happened within the past week. Anyone else having this problem?

This makes me nervous to have the doctor up my dose. I am hoping he will take into account my concerns, and not push it too far. I am thinking 50-60mg at the most is as high as I want to go, for now.

Picture Time

Alright, time for pictures!!

All taken today, end of month One!

Enjoy my CRAZY hair. :lol:




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Heya I'm on day 26 (I think) and I am experiencing really dry eyes too. The fact that its winter and windy where I am has not helped either. And yep at night lately when I'm trying to study I get blurry eyed. I was kind of scared at first, but hopefully will get some eye drops soon and it'll help. Hope it eases for you. And I reckon your skin is looking much more clear. AND I love the crazy hair, I've always wanted big curly hair :)

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Hey there! Pertaining to what you said.. My night vision has seemed fine thus far.. I'm on month 3 currently on 80mg per day.. Sometimes I may feel like my night vision would be a bit better should I not be on accutane.. But I never know if it is really accutane impairing my night vision or if it is the placebo effect of me knowing of the side-effect and me thinking I have reduced night vision when its the same as it has always been. I can never really tell.

So far 80mg per day accutane has done a great deal for me.. My skin now looks really good after 3 months.. Like to the point where I don't really feel the need to stay on my accutane but of course I am going to finish these last few months :) Side-effects I have had so far is the typical dry lips and some drowsiness. Oh yeah and the skin flaking thing you mentioned... I have that happen too as my skin is very dry. It only really happens around my mouth, jawline, and eyebrows.. yeah eyebrows its weird.

I am glad to see you've made it through your first month feeling good about yourself, and feeling optimistic. I think you look great.. You have a bit of a ways to go but the good thing is you have so much to look forward to and be happy about. Keep thinking positively my fellow canadian ^_^

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Hi Calabi. Congrats on the 1 month mark. You made it :) Hope your beakouts start subsiding for you. I know what you're going thru. Not fun

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Congrats on finishing your first month!! :)

I'll be checking your log for updates!

btw i understand your concern about your doctor increasing your dose but think about it this way: the higher the dose, the more likely your acne will NEVER come back again once your course is over.

oh and i love love love the crazy hair...mine is straight and thin and flat lol.

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jasmine.d Hows the Australian Winter treating you? Let me know if you find something that helps for the eyes. Boy, they are a pain. I am pretty happy that it is summer here in Canadaland, aside from the not being able to tan. Thanks for the compliments on the crazy hair, haha! My hair is pretty dry lately, so I am trying to let it go as natural as possible in hopes that it lays off a bit.

Jxr I feel the same way too! I always wonder if this is actually a side effect or is my mind telling me I am having this side effect. It is a fun game we play, really. haha Congrats on the clear skin my fellow Canadian! I can not wait to get there myself, but I know it will come in due time. For now, I like reading other stories and seeing their changes. It is inspirational. :D

goodz19 Thanks! One month down, Five to go! What day are you at? It is great to have people to talk to and exchange stories with on here. It makes the whole process a lot easier!

becauseofashley Very true! It would be nice not to have to worry about terrible breakouts again EVER! I will let you know what he ups my dose too. I am pretty excited for month 2!

Thanks for the compliments on the hair. Some days I wish for straight, thin hair. I guess the saying is true. You always want what you can not have. haha!

Quick Update

Things have been good! I think my skin is starting to give me a bit of a break ( hopefully I am not speaking too soon). I got my blood work done the other day, so I am hoping everything there is all fine and dandy. I celebrated afterwards by having a cooler :D Delicious, just what I needed. haha.

Monday is my doctor's appointment so I will have more updates then!

I have Relay for Life tonight which I am pretty excited for, aside from having makeup on for 12+ hours. I can not wait for the day I feel comfortable going out with my own skin. I just have to keep telling myself that day will be here before I know it! Until then, makeup you are my best friend.

Hope everyone else is doing well!! :D

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Congrats on finishing your first month! I know just how good it felt to get that first month behind me, because it's truly the worst one ever. And I totally know what you mean about only breaking out on the lower half of your face. Mine's the same way, ha ha! From the top of my forehead to about an inch below my eyes is wonderfully clear. I think I need to invest in a ninja mask or something. Life would be just dandy then. Lol.

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Hey! Just read your log, and I have a few things to say:

First, Carmex is great stuff. Aquaphor is the best, but it's nigh impossible to find up in Canada. You should try ordering it online if you can. They sell it in big tubs, medium tubes, and tiny chapstick sized tubes. It really is my go to moisturizer for seriously troubled skin, both lip and otherwise.

Re: night vision, other people have reported bad night vision while on 'tane. It's one of the less common side effects. Keep eye drops on you for the dry eye - my eye doctor recommends Soothe and Systane as the best for chronic dry eye.

Good luck!!!

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Congrats on finishing your first month! The first month definitely goes by the slowest! I am a Carmex fanatic. I have probably 5 or 6 tubes laying around in all different places. I can't live without it!

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Gotta GT This haha, I was thinking about getting a ninja mask too, but figured that may cause the cops getting called on me for suspicious behaviour. I even considered getting one of those masks from the hospital and telling people I have an infectious disease and they should stay away. haha Seriously though, let's hope month two will get rid of these nasty jawline breakouts.

headtrip_honey I have considered buying Aquaphor online, I am just afraid if I have one more package sent to my house, my parents may disown me. haha I am hoping the Carmex does the trick! Thanks for the goodluck and I will have to keep my eye out for those eye drops!

faithinhim Thanks! I definitely have quite the lip balm collection myself. Reminds me of the time I was a child and used to collect Lipsmackers because they were pretty. haha

Day 36

Good News! My blood work was fine, such a relief. My doctor said I was progressing well and he thinks 40mg is working out perfectly. The next two months I will be staying on 40mg and if I decide by August I would like to up my dose, he will up it to 50mg or 60mg. He will not put me on anything higher then that. That is fine with me, less side effects! He figures I will be on Accutane till December, so 6 months in total. My next appointment is August 16th, but I will still be getting my blood work done in July. He expects to see great progress in this time, SO DO I. :dance:

So, anyone want to hear a funny story? My doctor was asking me about birth control at one point during our talk. In the next room, you could hear a little boy running around, screaming and his mom getting extremely frustrated with him. My doctor looks up from the chart at me and says " Well, there is your birth control right there." :lol: Sometimes my doctor can crack me up.

He also told me to not sit out in the sun, and he was sorry he was ruining my summer fun by saying that. Perhaps he could sense that I was out in the sun yesterday when I shouldn't have been, my bad! :naughty:

Things seem to be going alright on the acne front, although I am afraid to speak too soon. I don't feel any more cysts coming up under the skin, and previous cysts and pimples seem to be drying up pretty well. A few whiteheads keeps popping up here and there, especially along the jawline but they seem to clear up well in time too. I am keeping my fingers crossed. I realize, I will still get some breakouts.

On a Personal Note

Relay for Life went great! We had a great turnout and lots of money was collected on behalf on the Canadian Cancer Society.I tried to stay up all night, but I kind of crashed around 4:30 am till 6 am. Needless to say, work the next day was terrible. I had a good time though, and I will definitely do it again next year!

How is everyone else doing?

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goodz19 Thanks, I hope things are going well with you too.

Day 42 ( I think )

I love the countdown, or should I say the countup :D I get excited seeing which day I am on.

Almost halfway done month two.


I think I am finally reaching a point where I am ok with my face. I would not say I am happy yet but there is a definite improvement. There are no huge blackheads and enlarged pores on my face. There are no cysts nor do I feel any cysts forming which is a definite godsend. I still have breakouts but they seem easier to manage. I finally feel like I am going in the right direction, which is relieving. As for my actives, I have a lovely "Laser Pointer" pimple right between my eyebrows which is always sexy! The cheeks and jawline still seem to be where the majorities of the breakouts are.

Side Effects If I have to go to work one more day with red eyes I am sure I will get pulled into the office and asked why I feel the need to get high before work everyday. By the way, I do not. My eyes have been so red and the slightest thing will irritate them. In the past two weeks alone I have got multiple comments on how red my eyes have been. It is embarassing actually. I just say I am tired or that my eyes are dry. Which bring me to this. Have any of you told your bosses about being on the medication? I am wondering if perhaps I should.

I took a silly pictures a coupld of days ago pointing out my glorious laser pointer! I thought I would share. Enjoy! haha


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That is really awesome to hear that you're turning the corner! I think once "some" improvement is noticeable, I think this whole process is going to be much easier to take. Im happy for you and hope it stays that way from here out. Keep us posted :)

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hi calabi!

been a while, sorry! been working non stop!

im happy that things are going so well for u hun!

dont worry bout ur eyes. have u got some drops? mine get dry at times, but i wear lenses so i expected that they would.

u must try the mineral make up! im loving it! it doesnt even feel like u wearing any!

my scalp also very dry, but thats a good thing for me as i usually have to wash my hair every morning which is a pain when i have an early start! but now i only was it every third day! or i just flake all over the place, yuck!

u could try massaging some jojoba oil in to ur scalp when u off for the day, and leave it in as long as pos as like a treatment.

im still breaking out too, but not as much though i gotta say! and they heal quicker!

glad u found the carmex! the squeezy tube seems to go on better than the little pot!

have u had nose bleeds?

gotta get my bloods done on the 2nd, derm appt on the 9th! fingers cross he thinks all is well! this month is going quicker!

im currently sitting here with dr haushka rejuvinating mask on- ment to help with scars! we will see.


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hey sunshine

glad to hear from you, how is work going?

I do have eye drops but they do not seem to be helping much. My eyes seem to be constantly blood shot which is oh so sexy, lol

I will most definitely try the jojoba oil as I just picked up some from Dans regimen. I also picked up some hot oil treatments. I have spent entirely too much money as of lately.

I have not had any nose bleeds at all, luckily! You have though, haven't you? Has that calmed down at all?

Good luck with the bloodwork and the derms appt! What dose are you on now?

I agree, month two is going by much quicker. I can not wait for month three and so on. How long are you supposed to be on Accutane for?

Day 45

Halfway through Month 2 already! :D

I do not have to much to update with so I will make this quick and to the point.

I have had a few breakouts the past few days. I always seem to break out the days I work I wonder what this is telling me? The "laser pointer" on my forehead does not seem to want to go down, and it keeps getting a whitehead on it causing me to keep popping it ( I know, I know... not supposed to be picking). I also have broken out along my eyebrow, just my right one though. Weird! I have my own little colony of pimple people.

I also ordered some of Dan's Cleaner and Jojoba Oil which just came in the mail yesterday! My first impression : The cleanser is so mild and soft on the skin which is great whilst being on Accutane. It did not feel as if it would dry my skin at all. The jojobs oil is very soothing too but I wonder if I should use that if I am using Emu Oil. Does anyone here use both? I don't use them at the same times.

Has anyone else experienced constantly bloodshot eyes while on Accutane? They are not terribly bloodshot but noticeable nevertheless and oh, so irritated. Eye drops are not working for my eyes at all. :wall:

Oh, by the way! Happy Canada Day tomorrow to all my fellow Canadians! :dance:

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