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Am I unlikely to get Roaccutane due to Bipolar?

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Been seriously thinking about going private and getting Roaccutane.

However I am Bipolar, will they refuse to give it to me?

Would it do more harm than good?

Honestly two steps forward, ten steps back.

Dont know what to do to be right?

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Bumping this thread even though it's old because I'm curious as well. Anyone on here successfully been prescribed and been able to endure Accutane having been diagnosed wtih bipolar disorder? I suffer from bipolar type 2 and I would very much like to go on Accutane but I have a very strong feeling I would be denied because of that and also with me being female and with my acne not being severe now that I'm on the regimen so I have a general reluctancy to ask my doctor about it as I have a feeling I'll be shut down immediately if I do. Also if you go see a dermatologist I have a feeling they must need to look through your previous medical records and know what medication you're currently taking to go on it, no? I would hope so at least, I think it would be important to have your mood monitored well if you're concerned about it and make sure that if you're on any medication that it's compatible with you taking Accutane.

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