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Broken out after 7 years

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i havent had any really bad acne since about 7 years, and thats because roaccutane/accutane fixed it.

NOw in the past 14days i have this massive pimple near my mouth, and its been there for 2 weeks, its red and under the skin so it hurts too. I got this exact pimple in january, i was in a tropical climate and got a huge pimple in the same spot, i did nothing and it eventually just went away.

This time i did things differently, in the past 2 weeks, i had the flu, so i had my head over a bucket, so i was sort of steaming my face for the 10 days i was sick. Now i have a few more pimples, maybe 6 in total(2 are very large under the skin pimples, the rest are really little but very red).

So i got really scared and 7 days ago i just went crazy and used ACV, several times a day, kept steaming my face and putting ice on my pimples, i put acv directly on my pimples over night and also tea tree oil.... i stayed home the whole week doing this.

Also my bf of 5 years left me abt 40 days ago, i started to miss him in late April....and so i have been really down, dont know if that could have contributed to the acne..... i would normally never have dedicated my whole week to my pimples, but since the break up i have been so so sad and just moping, i didnt want to go out so i decided to go nuts with different regimens.

Now my face looks awful, it looks all red and not very good and those 6 pimples looked inflamed and nasty. I totally freaked out, so i booked an appt with a derm and i want roaccutane again....i dont know if i'm overreacting. I'm really worried! i dont want acne again, it was the worst time of my life.

I decided to give all the steaming a rest, i bought a tube of benzoyl peroxide and applied a tiny bit to my spots.....i'm really scared of getting acne again, i'd rather take roaccutane again....

any help? i feel really nervous....i cant believe this is happening now, just when i'm single which i havent been for almost 6 years.....worst timing ever

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wow, sounds like the regime you are using is what is breaking you out!

The breakouts could be due to hormones, stress (with the breakup), or from your makeup, the things you have been eating, not drinking enough water...and so on.

When you continually steam your face and using harsh products, you are destroying your PH level balance. When your PH level is too high or low, your skin goes into overdrive trying to get it balanced out again.

I would suggest only steaming when you feel a pimple under the skin that isn't coming to the surface on its on (ex. clogged pore, cyst like, etc) and definitely NOT daily. Try finding a cleanser that has salycic acid in it, therefore it can treat the breakouts, but not dry you out as much as direct treatment. If it is still too harsh and you are drying out, I would also recommend a PH BALANCING Toner. The keywords you need to look for is PH Balance; this is what you are lacking and what is making the breakouts continual.

You can treat individual pimples with benezoyl peroxide, but ONLY on the ones that are coming up and are red--no open ones. Try not to touch your face in between washings, and only wash your face (followed with any treatments) morning and night, NO more than that.

The tea tree oil should help with the dryness and promotes healing, so use it in place of your daily moisturizer before bed.

I have a GREAT skin care line *Moderator edit - read the board rules that you agreed to when signing up here* Hope that helped! :)


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ALSO, try simple things too! For instance, how often do you switch out your pillow case? Do you use hair products and not wash your hair before bed? The hair products, sweat, makeup, etc that stays on your pillowcase can make you break out and its something most of us forget about.

I would suggest changing out your pillow case either nightly, or every other night. It makes a huge difference! ;)

I forgot to ask too, what is your daily water intake like? Our bodies are 65% water....not getting enough can keep toxins in your body that have to 'escape' somewhere...which means our pores!

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OK, i have to admit due to all the stress of the breakup, i really have been eating hardly anything at all and this past week, i weigh only 49kgs. I'm not proud of it or anything. for a while now i only eat like half a sandwich a day...when i get upset i cant eat....

I have been drinking a fair bit of water, i always have my bottle with me.... i usually drink a lot of water, i'm a cyclist but i can't say i have been doing too much cycling in the past 2 weeks, hardly any at all...which is really unlike me.

i have stopped the crazy regimen, and will just use the BP on the red pimples....

i'll change my sheets and pillow cases...thanks for the advice

i rescheduled my appt to the dermatologist...to next thursday...as i will have stopped the regimen, all should be well by then, but if not, then its my safety net

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