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Scar Treatment & Rosacea?

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Hi. Im pretty sure I have rosacea (=significant flushing on a daily base which can last for 1-2hours, pimples, redness, reoccuring tiny blisters and seb derm) but I do have lots of acne residues (scars!, redmarks) too.

Now both conditions seem to interfere with each other, is it possible to have scar treatment without aggravating the rosacea too much? does rosacea deplete healing properties of the skin?

The flushing is really bad, it was induced or at least intensified by a course of accutane 8months ago but I wouldnt care so much if my skin was kinda smooth, not covered with acne scars...:(

Can one actually have both, acne + rosacea? I do have hormonal acne which used to be quite severe, cystic on my face and moderate on back/chest but the bc pill (35mg ethinyl estradiol/2mg cyproterone acetate) keeps it @bay - its just my face now but rather mild I guess, clogged pores and few inflamed pimples...

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Acne and Rosacea can occur together but the conditions are considered seperate from each other and are treated differently........I'm not sure if Rosacea affects skin healing.......but Laser treatments are used to treat both acne scaring and Rosacea reddness, burning, bumps, and flushing.....I'd research it, a lot of people have success with IPL Laser........which basically pulls colour from the skin therefore helping with the scaring and the Rosacea symptoms. There are tons of Lasers though.

I take it you're on Diane 35.....be super careful with this pill, there's a lot of research indicating it is especially dangerous as far as blood clotting goes, more so than any other pill (for some reason or another). Birth control pills can also aggravate Rosacea and flushing and make it much worse. I started having problems with my pill, switched to another pill, and my flushing and reddness only worsened. I've been off the pill for a month and half and it's been a bit better......it takes 3 months for the pill to be fully out of the system, just like it takes 3 months for it to fully start working.

For the Rosacea there are also oral and topical antibiotics that some people have luck with. I tried both and unfortunately had a bad reaction to Doxy (the oral antibiotic I was taking) and the topical cream I took (Metro cream) killed the hell out of my skin (made it dry, red, and irritated)........so I had to stop both.

Good luck!!!!

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Just to add on to the previous post...

I had IPL done for persistent redness and acne. I had it done in conjunction with the Levulan kerastick thing or whatever it is, so it basically dried up my oil glands a bit which helped with acne. and it also helped with the redness. i had 2 sessions done. It is my understanding that IPL isn't technically laser, and I think has less risks than does laser. Some people will tell you not to use levulan with redness or rosacea, and it did burn like crazy at the time, but in the long run I think it helped.

Also, I'm not sure if IPL can treat both acne scars and redness at the same time, it might be used on different settings depending what your goal is.

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