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the only thing that has helped my severe acne

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i've had acne most of my life however it became severe within the last few years and started spreading to my cheeks which was really hard for me to deal with since i already had such bad scarring on my forehead.

i know how frustrating acne is. i know how annoying it is when ppl suggest that you try a new face wash, as if you haven't tried them all already. what works for some ppl certainly does not work for everyone else but i strongly suggest that ppl try working on the problem internally if your acne is severe.

last year, taking fish oil pills had an almost colonic effect on me. i don't want to be too graphic here but i was making bowel movements many times a day and not once during this period did i get one zit. i had the clearest skin of my life and everyone was complimenting me on it. but after a while the fish oil pills stopped having that adverse effect on me and my acne returned with a vegence.

i tried proactiv. didn't work. i tried every vitamin supplement imaginable. those didn't work either and let it be known that most vitamin supplements won't work because they don't break down in time for your body to digest them. i tried cutting out sugar, dairy, meat, gluten and still my skin was worse than ever.

i should also mention that i don't have health insurance or i would have tried spironactolone because it was the only thing that helped my cousin with her acne.

my acne has been really bad for the last year and i'll tell you the only two things that helped it.

good oral hygeine. seriously, google it there is a link between the two and i really do believe that plaque build up causes skin inflamation because it does get into your blood stream. my acne really did seem to calm down a bit when i started flossing and using listerine regularly.

and the other one is rooibos tea. i found out about it on here and became interested because it's cheap, doesn't require health insurance and seemed to help a lot of other ppl who had severe acne. no joke, just from drinking one cup a day my skin has almost completely cleared up. my skin is much less oily and feels so much more smooth. i don't know what exactly is in this tea that makes it so awesome for skin but i'm so over the moon about not having acne for once. it's been so long since i could look in the mirror and actually notice my pretty eyes and lips cause i don't see a bunch of inflamed, red, deforming marks all over my face.

so yea, that's my story. if nothing else has worked for you i suggest buying some of this tea. i got it at a health food store for about five bucks. no one thing can be a magic cure for everyone but it's cheap and worth a shot. everyone deserves to have clear skin and no one deserves to feel ugly because of this horrible condition.

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That's weird. Everytime the thought occured that there might be a connection between the two I dismissed it as thinking anything and everything was affecting my skin. I will definately try brushing and flossing more often. And I will look into the tea, although there are so many products recomended on this site that i want to try them all, but I know I can't afford it.

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Brushing and flossing properly also help against the inflammation of rheumatoid arthritis and many other inflammatory diseases (including acne of course!) Not to mention, a clean mouth feels good. :)

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Thanks for sharing

will rooibos tea work for guys as well?

I also heard good things from spearmint tea if its hormonal acne

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I have really good oral hygiene, I make sure I floss every night and brush my teeth everyday and I still have acne...I have tried tea that has roobios in it, its the republic of tea brand and its called "Get Gorgeous" I haven't drank it enough to see a difference but maybe I might try.

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Dont drink caffeine it interferes with the action of vitamin and therefore accutane also.

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