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New member in need of serious help!?

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hi! =]

Im new to the site and am hoping to get serious help for my acne problem.

I've currently been struggling with disgusting acne for a little over a year. It's moderate to severe. It's mostly mainly on my cheeks and it looks like i have a bunch of red little freckles on both cheeks with bumps all over.

I started breaking out my sophomore year because of stress and all and i am currently finishing up my junior year. It's so bad that i don't look into mirrors and i don't take pictures. I used to be so confident because i've always had clear skin and i have so much pressure for me to have flawless skin especially since im a cheerleader and always around girls who always look their best. Im constantly doing sports all year around and i feel like maybe the fact that im always sweating may cause my acne but i don't get how it never had happened before. I've been going to the dermatologist for about a year now and it seems like everything he prescribes me is harsh on my skin and even has made it worse.

Recently he put me on Atralin gel 0.05%. I started using it on April 1st and my skin got so much worse than before! it looks so horrible. I'm breaking out in places i never had acne before like chin and forehead and around jawline. can anyone who's used atralin before tell me when you finally start seeing results cause im getting to a point where im ready to give up....? :(

P.S. below is the regimen i use.



wash face with Oscion Cleanser(benzoyl peroxide 6%)

apply Acanya Gel (Clindamycin phosphate 1.2% and Benzoyl peroxide 2.5%)

moisturize with Aveeno Positively Radiant w/SPF 15

*wash face during day and repeat same as morning on days I have practice


wash face w/cleanser

wait 30 min. then apply Atralin gel 0.05%

*Everyday take Multivitamin from One a Day Teen Advantage

take Doryx 150 MG tablet derm. prescribed

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Hello and welcome to the boards! I'll move this to topical retinoid posts.

Please read the following post on how topical retinoids work and why patience and perseverance is required when using topical retinoids: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Info-reti...ial-t98395.html

Basically, you need to give at least three months (sometimes more) to see the full benefit of retinoid therapy on acne. Many do experience what's called an 'initial breakout' due to the retinoid's exfoliation that increases skin shedding. Labgirl stated that some people experience 15 months of pimples in 3 months.

Starting a topical retinoid slowly is one good thing; you don't experience as much irritation that way.

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Welcome :)

I've been on Atralin for a little over 13 months. Off and on I've had moderate to at times severe acne on my face. I can say that for the first 8 weeks I was on Atralin my face was not cute. I routinely had 4 to 6 whiteheads on my face at any given time and I did have some flaking. But around my 8th week I finally started clearing up. I'm now 99.9% clear (with the occasional hormonal pimple). If you check out my gallery it shows pictures from the beginning of my journey with Atralin and then a few pics from last month so you can see the change. I would say if it's not too too terrible to try to go the full 12 weeks/3 months before you decide if you want to stop it or not. I def don't think Atralin is for everyone so if you give it that time and it's still not working it may be time to look for something else. Hope this helped!

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