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3 multivitamins & 2 Omega 3 fish oils

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Thats exactly what i've been taking before bed for the last 4 nights and I havent had 1 new whitehead/pimple! :dance:

Hopefully it will give my red marks a chance to heal up. They are looking a bit lighter already.

I've also dropped my face washing habbits from 5+ times a day to just twice a day (morning and night).

I'm not applying any creams or moisturizers to my face what so ever. I'm just going to let it be and see if it further improves.

Wish me luck! :pray:

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So is this something that you just tried? Or did someone give you the idea? I HATE ACNE AND THE STUPID SCARS THEY LEAVE BEHIND!!

The thing is, i've applied so much crap to my skin over the years.

But I honestly don't think that acne and scars are an external problem, but rather quite internal.

So thats why i'm giving multi v's and omega a try and it appears to be working to a certain extent.

My skin is oily without being too oily and the redness has subsided slightly.

I have quite a bit of shallow indented scarring, but i'm not too concerned about those type of scars at the moment. I'm just focusing on the discolouration (pink/red) marks on my face.

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I think the fish oils help alot! As so n as I started taking them i saw a reduction in pimples and inflammation! But... it could have been my antibiotics finally kicking in after 3 weeks??? who knows. I heard good things about them though!

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Well I took my Multi V's and omegas again last night and today my skin looks even better than it has in ages.

I'm slightly dry around certain parts of my face where I had 1 minor cyst and a cluster of little red spots. I think the vitamin A is having an accutane effect on my minor acne.

But my skin doesnt feel overly dry and I think its the Omega 3 and other vitamins that are preventing my skin from becoming too dry.

So far, i'm quite happy with how its working and its only been 5 days. :D

I'm going to keep a log of the progress and post it on here every couple of days.

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Day 5 LOG

My phone camera isn't very detailed, so I increased the saturation to make the marks stand out.

I'll post more pics in 5 days time to see if theres more improvement.

Hi Fraz, I am a vegetarian, so what are the options for me for geeting my omegas ?

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sabs you can get them from nearly any leafy greens but higher concentrations in nuts and seeds. Flax seed contains very high amounts and is easily obtained, like any omega 3s the fresher the better.

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