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thanks for sharing. I've always felt if you read/study polarizing views,

for example of dermarolling, one can easily figure out if its a "scam"

or not. Just look at the "data" from both sides of "the arguement".


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Thanks for posting this. It is interesting he suggested sculptra as a filler, as I have recently been researching which types of fillers are best and I have read from more than one plastic surgeon now that they prefer sculptra for scars that are saucer like with fat loss. I think fillers are probably the most effective thing out there for isolated deeper scars like I have. And I will not self inject anymore, that never worked well for me, and you can't self inject sculptra well anyway because it has to be mixed correctly. I may try sculptra in the future.

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Those answers are not very satisfactory to me. However, ]being skeptical of the dermaroller device itself, or other "professional needling" treatments offered (I tried this by someone who used a tattoo gun, didn't work) is probably a good thing.

Individually needling though, which is different, has given me some pleasing results thus far.

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But there are reputable doctors that use needling in their practice so who knows.

Its really hard to get a straight answer with anyone as to whether these treatments work or not. Every derm/plastic surgeon out there will have have a different view over what works and what doesnt. I've never found needling very helpful, but thats just me.

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great link katiekat. these is the exact reason why its so popular..with improvements like these. dunno, my skin never responds well to being needled. it responds well to having acid put on it (in peels etc). i think its just very sensitive and needs a bit more love than most. altho done well, it might work.

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There are plenty of others, along with lots of people on this board, that have had excellent success with dermarolling. Every facial dermatologist /surgeon has their own opinion on what works for acne scars and what doesn't. Usually their opinions have to do with what they do or do not currently own. 95% of them only care about what they're trying to sell, whether it really works efficiently or not. And some things that work for one won't work for another. Anywho, I have been thinking really hard about getting SmartXide Dot done depending on how my scars respond to TCA Crosses. Please let me know how the Dot laser goes for you if you do get it done (:

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