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Should I pick this pimple?

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So a pimple grew at the corner of my nose. It popped yesterday morning, and some puss came out. Then more puss came out this morning and it's a bit smaller. Now it's still white-ish and it's hard.

I really want it gone asap (tomorrow morning if possible). I was wondering if I should pick it. Any suggestions?

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If it is a normal pimple, carefully remove the pus and latter apply some antibacterial like neosporin and H2O2. There is no reason to keep that stuff in there. BUT, be careful in the future no to have pimple in the sides of the nose since those zones are bloody acne strongholds (T zone).

Research on this site to avoid a pimple to grow.

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you may have already extracted everything out of it. Try putting some ice on it to bring down the swelling.

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See last link in signature. Don't use hydrogen peroxide as it damages granulation (healing) tissue. Don't pick as that will just make it angry at you and possibly enlarge it, make it more red, make it more infected, and possibly spread the infection underneath the skin.

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Corsair: Yeah, it is a normal pimple. And thanks for telling me about T-Zone.

kyle 1 and Wynne: I'm pretty sure there's still puss. Right now, it's like all white. It's not swelling either. It's a few days old, so it's dying.

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