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Favorite Rosacea Moisturizer

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Well, it does seem to me this board is primary acne dominated (yes, I realize it is called "Acne.org")

However, I am curious (mostly from other individuals older than at least 18, preferably 25, only due to the fact that near 30, the skin is very different than younger individuals), what is the most effective moisturizer you have found for your Rosacea?

I am 30 years old [male), and my cheeks are pink/reddish, with rough skin, slightly flaky (only noticeable up close). First got symptoms 8 months ago, 2 weeks after finishing Accutane.

As a note, I tried Finacea, Oracea, and Differin, with no success. (Finacea helped with small P&P, but not much more).

I wash with Cerave cleanser, though I tried other things, but they dry my face out too much. Haven't really found a good cleanser one way or the other.

Here is what I have tried over the last 8 months:

* Cerave Lotion (recommended by Derm)

* Natures Gate Tea Tree Moisturizing Lotion

* Pure Jojoba Oil

* Murad Recovery Treatment Gel

* Murad Correcting Moisturizer SPF 15

* Rosacea Care Night Cream (this is thick)

* Rosacea care Gel / Moisturizer (tend to gum up / ball up on my rough skin, due to the zinc oxide)

Anyting tinted does NOT work for me. I tried ZincO, but the zinc oxide is not meant to absorb, and it accentuates my dry/flaky skin, making it look quite obvious that there is something tinted on my face, which is not very socially acceptable for a male.

Currently using an oil blend (carrier oils and essential oils). I put this in another post titled "Essential Oils and Rosacea". Only got 1 reply, so I assume not many here have tried essential oils for their Rosacea.

To me, nothing I have used really does anything for the color (pinkish red cheeks). Also, nothing is really working on the flaky skin.

So, what are you using? What do you like, and why do you like it? It would be great to get some feedback.

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I've been using products from the Avene line........it's pricey, but seems to be nice and gentle. It's made especially for irritated, reactive, red skin.......and the base ingrediant in it is thermal spring water. It's not loaded with a lot of harmful chemicals like some other skin care lines.

I also like Cetaphil......it's cheaper and I find it's equally as good!

Hope that helps a bit ;)

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i use this suave aloe w/cucumber moisturizer. it's really cheap, like 4 dollars for a bottle that will seriously last you for months (mainly because its a body moisturizer), and it's cooling to the face and helpful for healing the skin because of the aloe and cucumber. i have used it for about a year now and i love it.

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I use la roche posay toleriane dermo cleanser which you can use with or without water.. Very gentle on your skin.. I have very sensitive skin so it works great. I use Glaxal Base moisturizer. Its just a plain moisturizer with no shit in it.. Its very thick but it doesn't irritate my skin.. My skin is a red/pinkish look to it. I am trying to get that redness out for good so I just ordered Rosa Relief Skin Cream.. Going to give it a try.. Will keep you posted.. Hope this helps..

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Cool on the feedback. I hope more people chime in.

I just started using the Good Skin All Calm Lotion (not the cream). It is only $24 a bottle (most "Rosacea" serums are like $40-$50). I really like it so far. Very light, minimal ingredients. Seems to make my cheeks slightly less red so far.

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