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I'm going to be getting this in 3 weeks. I'm going to a dermatologist to do it ($300 for 3 treatments) I'll post pics of progress here. Just wondered if anyone else had already done it. I'm also going to get juvederm in one sunken scar. I've done this before and it worked great. I only have one like this and its relatively small so I don't know if will work for someone with a lot of them. Honestly my biggest problem is the huge pores left with the red marks. Those don't bother me as much because my makeup covers them pretty well, its just the lines and pores from loss of collagen that makeup won't cover.

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Hey! if you could please keep me informed i would greatly appreciate it... i went to the derm. back in march.. he gave me so retin-a and some other cream and prescribe be to doxycycline.. i am due back anytime to get some peels.. I'm just holding off for a few reasons because for one I'm a tad nervous because if it doesn't help I'm just going to be more depressed.. so please let me know how it goes and would love to see before and after pictures thank you sooo much! hope everything turns out awesome!

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No problem I will load them soon my appt is June 17 so I will post my before pic and same day pic. Supposedly this is a mild peel compared to most and people only peel for a few days. I know hpw you feel. I was really excited to get Fraxel laser treatments, but my mom had it done about 6 yrs ago, had good resulrts, now all of a sudden her skin has lost almost all its fat contnet and it sunk in. She looks about 70 she's only 50! Its really sad. I don't think they did enough research before introducing the fraxel to the market. I'm hearing more and more people who are having terrible effects from it years later. So I really hope this works, I'm getting married next May, I really don't want to see huge pores in my pics. :pray:

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