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Accutane for hormonal acne? Sprio instead? NEED HELP!

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Hi everyone,

So here is my story:

I never realized how prone to acne I am until I went off of Yasmin 6 months ago after 8 consecutive years--my skin turned abysmal, horrible, out of control with cysts and whiteheads. Of course I suspected it was hormonal but I tried treating things otherwise (with antibiotics, retin A etc) because I thought my body just needs to adjust. It didn't. My OBGYN diagnosed me with PCOS and put me back on the pill. 2 cycles later my face is nearly breakout free BUT--and this is the problem--I have horrible horrible scarring and red-marks left from my little experiment off the pill.

So now here is my dillema: I want to "cure" my acne for good so that I could go ahead and pay for chemical peels and laser and what not knowing that they'd be effective over time. I was planning to take Accutane--signed up on the iPledge and now in the 30 day wait period--thinking that I should go through a course before I pursue any scar treatment. But now, when I was doing some reading, I started looking into Spiro and realized that it's used to treat exactly women in my situation.


I am dreading Accutane to begin with (I started a course when I was much younger, maybe 16, and stopped because of excessive side effects), and I don't want to have to wait 6 months to treat my scars (6 months treatment + 6 months wait = a whole year! Which is a lot when you're 25 and single!). Not to mention that my skin is now virtually clear because of Yasmin so it seems counter intuitive to go on Accutane. Maybe I should try Sprio instead?. But how long could I take Spiro for? I mean, it's not a "permanent" solution like Accutane right? I know Accutane comes back after several years in cases of hormonal acne but those are still 3 years you're not taking medication every day.

NEED ALL THE HELP I CAN GET. ANY ADVICE/COMMENT/EXPERIENCES you can share would be highly, highly appreciated.

Thanks so much,


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i have hormonal acne and accutane is working well for it....as my doc says all acne is hormonal...so really accutane should help because it kills your oil glands. I am sensitve to my hormones which is why i get acne, as far as i know my androgen levels are normal. If your androgen levels are higher than normal sprio will be your best bet i think, As far as i know you can take it long term with out too many bad side effects. Do you need to go off the pill for any reason?? if yasmin works id just invest in the scar treatment now, if you want to go off the pill for good i think accutane is your best bet, or a more aggressive laser/peel treatment.

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Really interesting--I guess the bottom line is that all acne really is hormonal.

My dilemma is this, though:

On the one hand, Accutane is really bad for you and harsh on the body. I'm prone to dry skin so when I took it once years ago I quit in the middle because how bad my hands got (it was winter and they got snaky; it was horrendous!). And if I'm virtually breakout free on Yasmin, I imagine that Spiro could really help with the the few cysts I get before my period or if I forget to take a pill (oops!) every so often. I mean, Accutane is no walk in the park and everyone always says it's a "last resort". I don't want to have joint problems for the rest of my life, or hair loss, or more scarring because of an initial breakout.

But on the other hand, Accutane is the closest thing there is to a cure. I mean, it's a harsh 5 months but after that (theoretically at least) you're done. With Yasmin or Spiro or any hormonal treatment, you're good only as long as you keep taking it. And I feel like if I skip Accutane I'll miss my "chance" of really curing my acne (even if it's for 3, 4, 5 years and not for the rest of my life).

Are you on the pill while you're on Accutane? Did you get an initial breakout? How sensitive is your skin now?

My dilemma wouldn't be half as bad if I knew that right after I'm done I could start with the chemical peels! But I have to add another 6 months of waiting to the course...... so it makes it really tough!

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