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Getting Past Doxycycline

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Hello All,

My doctor prescribed me doxycycline for an eye inflammation and to my surprise it left my skin flawless and super clear. I have mild rosacea like bumps that seem to never go away and leave large pores. The routine I used was face wash with cetaphil and then apply differin twice a day along with a good diet, but even then I'll have mild acn. After using doxycyline, it controlled acne inflammation so well, that I could eat and do what ever I wanted. As soon as I stopped doxycycline after 1 month, my acne came back worse than ever, including the eye inflammation, so I am on the medicaiton for 1 more month. I know I will have to stop the antibiotics so I want to prepare for my acne coming back. My question is, are there any non-antibiotics that are just as effective as doxycyline? Its amazing how it stopped my acne inflammation.

I've read somewhere that the long-term use of doxycylcine does not lead to antibiotic resistance, is that true? Is it a good idea just to avoid that?

Thanks for the help guys,


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hey man yeh this cleared me to but after 4 -5 months it came back like a bat out of hell lol

id say prepare by not totally stopping it.. id take one every other day then take a pro biotic for at least a month after stopping it.


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I've been using doxycyline (and duac gel) for the past 5 months and it has cleared up my skin - it took at least 3 of those months though to really see a change... my skin is still not completely clear but is still better than I can remember it being in ages.

I'm not sure but there may be side-effects associated with long term use of doxycycline (you'd have to research that or ask a doctor to be sure though)

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