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Chinese Medicine for Acne?

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Hey Everyone,

I was just wondering whether anyone has had any success with chinese herbal medicine for acne. Ive been taking it for the last two weeks and Ive run out. To get more, I will have to go to the chinese doctor again and shell out another 100 dollars for a 2 weeks supply. But since I cant tell whether it is working (everyone keeps telling me it takes months to work), Im skeptical about paying so much only for the CHANCE that it will cure my acne. Has anyone had any success with chinese herbal medicine or would I just be better off taking my doctor's option of starting an accutane regimen?

Btw, is a difference between generic accutane and the brand name stuff from Roche?


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i took it once a long time ago, i didnt notice anything positive about it. Imo, waste of money.

THere are so many more affordable ways to treat acne.

I took both brand name and generic accutane and i couldnt notice a difference but it could be different for others.

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I think that it depends on how severe your acne is. My friend, who had mild acne and dry skin, took Chinese medicine for three months and it got rid of her acne. She also knew other people who took it with great success. However, as for me.. I get cystic pimples and tried it for 2 weeks without success. So now I'm considering going on accutane.

Roche's accutane isn't available anymore, so whether or not it's different from the generic brands is moot point. I think that the generic brands are comparable to Roche's stuff, though.

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didnt work for me. 2 courses of almost 6 months.

worked for my friend though, she got "cured" just in one month, she had hormonal acne

who knows it might work for you but always expect at least 1 months time to see if its really working

and i'd like more info about accutane too

just look at my other post here and i think you might want to go accutane too... just a warm hearted suggestion..

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Yea, Ive been begging my parents to let me take accutane, but the cost and the side effects scared the hell out of them. However, with enough pleading, I was able to convince them to let me go take accutane if the chinese medicine doesnt have effect after 1 month. I just hope that 2 months is enough time for the accutane to go to work. I dont want to start college with all of this stuff on my face. :(

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Do whatever you want to do, is your face. I only know that Chinese have every bloody remedy for every f problem. ... I just don't trust them. For instance, if you want an aphrodisiac, just get some rhino horn .... :snooty:

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ive suffered with asthma since i could remember, nd im a thousand times better now due to chinese herbal medicine. it tastes absolutely disgusting, but i rly believe in it, even for my acne. i started college last yr nd so had to stop the herbal medication, nd my skin just EXPLODED. i have cystic acne all the time, where as i only had white heads on my forehead nd a little on my cheek before... it sucks! so now that summer vacation has started, im on it again, ill let u all kno if my acne gets better in a months time :)

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