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Accutane: Why do you have to wait one month?

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lol im so impatient. My dermatologist appointment is next week where i will beg, cry, B*tch, yell, fdafdfsdfaskdsf, till i get my accutane = [ . My dermatologist is so stupid. For 3 years in a row, he's put me on antibiotics and topicals that have cost so much and done so little. Currently im on Septra and tazorac and there is NO improvement whatsoever.

My question is, why does it take for most people, around one month to get the accutane? Is it because of blood tests? Don't you get the bloodtest on that day?

Thank you. =]

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If you're a female it's because the iPledge system requires females to take two pregnancy tests that are at least 21 days apart to make sure they are not pregnant. Women also have to go to a gynecologist and discuss their birth control options and decisions. It's quite a long process.

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Moved to Accutane posts.

One month usually due to the paperwork, the lab work (the labs have more than just a few samples to run; they've got many from all sorts of different companies and people as well), the iPledge, etc.

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