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Give Clarisonic Pro a chance

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If you have congested pores, acne, or black heads give Clarisonic Pro facial brush a shot.

I am a Liscensed Managing Medical Esthetician and I work for a Dermatology office that handles everything from acne to rosacea to dermatitis. A product that we sell that our dermatologist highly suggest for deep cleansing is the Calrisonic Pro.

This brush has several speeds and and brush attatchments! I have to admit, it can be rather fun to cleanse your skin when you have one of these guys- I actually look foward to my cleasning schedule for my own skin. I reommend the clarisonic to everyone. It is great for all skin types and can be suprisingly effective on acne prone skin and gives you anti-aging benifits!

Here's how it works:

-The brush is above any beyond a typical rotary brush; clarisonic occilates back and forth 300x per second! wohoo!

-The product is quoted to "remove makeup 6x greater than a manual wash" This means less stuff left behind on your skin to create an acne problem.

-It is also quoted to "remove dirt and oil 2x greater than a manual wash" This means less greasy stuff left behind that will clog your pores.

-Amazingly it can also allow 61% better absortion of products (like Vitamin c) in your skin.

-It deep cleanses the skin, and stimulated the tissue to repair, rejuvenated and heal.

Here's what it comes with:

-The brush comes with 3 mild cleanser (though you can use your own, if you prefer.)

-It already come with a brush head attached that you use to cleanse your skin!

-a charging basin is supplied that craddles and charges the brush- you just plug it in, let it charg, and go to town on those pores!

-The system itself, is water resistant (so you can take the brush in the shower with you...just please, leave the basin on the sink counter. which should go without saying.)

-It is set up with multiple speeds- start on the lowest and then with your skins tolerance, move up a seed at a time.

-The clarisonic actually has a built in timer! it will come with an instruction guide that explains usage and what zones of the face to begin with, and it will time each section of the face to that appropriate and effective time frame. (when it makes a beeping noise- you move to the next zone!)

-Additional brush heads of varying intensity are sold separate and there is even an awesome body brush!!!

If you're considering the Clarisonic pro, know that I love mine, and wouldn't reccomend something that I don't deem effective and result-oriented. If you live with a sibling or significant other that would also enjoy the brush, you don't need separate clarisonics- save money and use the same clarisonic but keep and use your own personal brush attatchments!! If you want further info on the Clarisonic Pro check out there website or ask your skin care professional.

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sounds amazing!!!

im a guy and dont wear make up but this kinda makes me wanna start wearing make up and order 20 of these just to see what it can do :D

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They are awesome!

My skin is unbelievably soft and smooth and my red/pink spots from my most recent hormonal epsiode has been clearing nicely. ( and I've only been on it for less than a week, and on the 2nd speed--im kicking myself for not getting this brush sooner! wow!)

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