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I guess this goes here.

I had a very small whitehead that I popped (barely even a pop) via light pressure with some tissue.

It went alright, but then over the day, the plug was back so I stupidly picked at it and now it's just some dark red semi-raw skin.

What would heal this faster?

Just wash it (+ moisturize), wash it then add some BP, or wash it and add some retin-a micro (and not go outside obviously)?

BP and retin-a micro is all I'm limited to at the moment.

Also for my other question: I always seem to have redness around my enlarged pores on my cheeks beside my nose. At certain times of the day, the redness is noticable, but at other times, much less.

What's up with this and how can I "work on it"?

EDIT: Oh ALSO- I just read about Epsom salt. A tablespoon into 1 - 2 cups of warm water, apply to face, rinse / twice a day. Any opinions on this? And if I do start doing it, is it okay to do this after I cleanse my face with Aveeno acne-prone wash or is this already considered a cleanser?

My skin is oily too, so I do need to use some sort of facewash.

Thanks in advance!

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