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I wanted to know what results people are getting when they use a leave on BP treatment vs a BP cleanser. I realize the general idea is it's best to have a leave on treatment to give it time to work...however, BP seems powerful enough to have a signficant effect on skin even if not left one for long. Also, for some of us a leav eon treatment is too irritating. I've found the amount of time left one can be the difference between having a red irritated face and just a dry, but not irritated face. A good moisturizer can usually solve the dryness...

So has anyone had the same result with both? Have you cleared up with one and not the other?

I personally used dan's BP when i was in my early 20s and it worked fine as long as i used a heavy moisturizer. Now in my late 20s, after a year break from using it, I've found my skins is dryer due to aging and is therefore the same regimen irritates my skin. I decided to switch to a cleanser after seeing very impressive reviews online of various BP cleaners from brand to brand. i bought acnefree's purifyin cleanser and it's only been one night, but i have to say my face feel super clean, smooth, and no irritation. This particular cleanser has some great stuff in addition to BP, such as willow bark (SA), aloe vera, avena sativa extract, licorice extract, chamomile extract, green tea, and tea tree oil...ill update as i go along

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I'm very surprised no one has replied...are a lot of people not using BP washes? It'a working great for me....since i've been using it i've had no major breakouts, just small pimples that are barely visible, which i think were already formed prior to using the wash. Its great at keeping them from getting infected/inflammed....

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That is great. I use BP 2,5% only on little difficult areas and don't use much on soap because it dries my skin too much. I was thinking on using it perhaps once a week, but for that I am using a sulphur soap .. just to kill bacteria a little with something different than BP.

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It's been 3 weeks exactly and this has still been working great. No peeling or significant dryness as long as i moisturize. For the most part no breakouts and just 2-3 small pimples, which were probably already formed and that was during the first 2 weeks. Now it seems to be doing a great job of keeping me clear, which is great because i can finally break the pimple-PIH cycle. With no new breakouts i'll be clear as soon as old PIH marks fade completely.

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NOTHING works like Benzoyl Peroxide for acne. Cleanser/oxy over the counter creams etc.

DDF Sulphuric mask is also great!

Zinc supplements

but nothing is as effective as BP.

Wishing you all clear skin!

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