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switch from differin to the regimen; break out!!

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Hey guys,

So, I recently switched from Differin .1% to the Regimen on the bottom half of my face (chin, jawline). I never get acne on my cheeks, and the breakout I got on my forehead this February has been COMPLETELY cleared by Differin. I still have pink marks, but they're fading fast and with a tad of makeup it looks immaculate. YES!

My chin, though, made less progress. My left jawline, too, which was always worse than my right... but anyway, my right jawline cleared up entirely except for some pink marks, but I kept getting a bunch of little pimples on my chin and some big ones on my left jawline. I never had jawline acne EVER until moving to Japan almost a year ago, which makes me think that something in my new diet has triggered a hormonal imbalance. And my chin wasn't an issue until I took Marvelon BC this February to combat my face acne, which just made everything about 602948290 times worse.

SO ANYWAY, I decided that since the Regimen has had so much success with all of you and since Dan seems like a really legit, great dude, that I'd try the Regimen JUST on the bottom half of my face, but keep using Differin on my forehead. In a little more than week, my chin has been breaking out pretty disgustingly and in places that were cleared up my differin, and my right jawline kinda broke out too. My left jawline didn't break out but has stayed the same, and now I think it's pretty much stabled itself out... I hope.

I think my chin could break out more, actually, and I'm wondering what's going on. Why is this happening? I don't feel like my results are really lining up on the "what to expect page", and I'm following it pretty precisely. Maybe I don't rub it in for like 10 minutes, but since I'm only using it on half my face I take about half the time.

Oh, and I'm finding that my cheeks, which I don't put anything but moisturizer on, are freaking the hell out, as is my NOSE. They're not breaking out, but they're just incredibly red and splotchy. What gives?

When am I going to just get clear already? I am so goddamn sick of thinking about my skin... I kind of regret starting the Regimen. Should I have just stayed on Differin? Is it too late to switch back? Should I STAY on the Regimen? HELP!

Oh, and does AHA+ irritate the skin? I've used benzoyl peroxide before and used it at the same time as Differin (10+), and now for the past week and change I've been using about half a finger's length of the acne.org BP. Am I just irritating my skin more and causing it to break out??

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