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Dermatologist says 'For Your 2 Week Holiday You Don't Need To Take Your Dosage'

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I was under the impression that Accutane was an anti-biotic? I am 1 month and a half in, and I just had my dermatologist appointment, it was short and sweet. Like 3 minutes, she didn't really seem to care. What I find weird is that she has put me on 30mg of Accutane, is that normal for an 18 year old? I will check with the FAQ because I know there's a way of calculating your 'correct dosage'

but what worries me more is that I am going on holiday with my family (last family holiday ever, thank lord) to the Dominican Republic, 5 star, all inclusive (YEAH I KNOW :D) anyway, I asked my derm and she said just stay off the accutane for then. Is this correct? Can you take a "2 week break" from accutane and just continue? Because this just sounds absolutely ridiculous, as well as my dosage. I will definitely check up on this... but I would like your opinions too.

Help is so appreciated.



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Accutane isn't an antibiotic; it's a vitamin A derivative that was originally developed as a cancer treatment.

Yes, you can stop taking it for a while to help minimize the side effects and severe ones indeed from sun exposure.

http://www.gene.com/gene/products/informat...tane/pdf/pi.pdf <---Prescribing information about Accutane. Won't hurt to read it.

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Correct dosage is 1mg per kg of weight. But some people go on a low dose for a longer period of time or start off on a low dose and build up.

You do not need to stop taking Accutane just cause you are on holidays... Whilst is makes you more sensative to the sun if you are diligent with your sun screen then you should be ok in the sun. I am off to Portugal/Spain in 2 weeks and my Derm said to stay on it (im on 80mg a day), the sun and sea will actually help.

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