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Retin-A & Differin?

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I used Retin-A in the past for my acne. It cleared it up and I continued to use it, but then I started getting all types of scars on my face. So I stopped. The scars stopped also. And now my acne is slowlyyy starting to creep back up. I already know almost all of my pores are clogged with junk or blackheads.

A dermatologist prescribed me Differin 0.1 for my clogged pores, but I'm scared to use it since the Retin-A scarred my face. Is there a difference between the two, and if so - how are they different? Could Differin scar pores?

Also, is Tazorac different than those two? I've used Tazorac in the past and it completely cleared me, I mean my skin felt like a baby's bottom, although I had to moisturize my face several times a day. I'll probably be too scared to go back to Taz anyways.

Please reply and thanks in advance.

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ive used both, differin at the start of this year and im currently using retin-a.

differin is much much muuuuuuuccchh milder than retin-a. it is not as strong though, which is why i switched to retin-a.

i dont think differin will scar your skin, but i dont even know why retin-a scarred your skin. if it was from your initial breakout, yes you may experience more acne and scars, but that goes for every topical retinoid.

p.s. i didnt notice any major scars after my 12 weeks of differin, so i think your in the clear:)

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like the guy said before me, Differen is a much milder retinoid, though Differen has been proven to be more effective for the treatment of acne (while retin a may be more inclined to treat age marks etc.)

But one note I don't think theres a generic for differin, and if you have no or mediocre insurance you may pay an arm and a leg for a brand name product.

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