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A few questions about Oratine~

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I've been on 20mg a day since the 3rd of March. I'm an exchange student in Hong Kong and started taking it here because the wetness and humidity just made my cystic acne explode.

I found a super nice dermatologist (Matthew Tang, working at Derma 1 in Jordan incase any HKies are wondering, he's great), and so far so good.

But I've been taking a very low dosage, and my cysts have been very infrequent (the dryness isn't really a problem, it's so humid for me here), and I'm only doing a short treatment (it will be a little over 4 months).

My acne is considered mild, but I would get deep and painful nodes/swelling.

Is my treatment too short? Will it come back when I go back to the states in June? I don't want to continue taking it in the US, it's a lot easier to take it here since they don't have iPledge (I still got blood tests, signed a contract, take birth control, and my Dr says "Don't get babies" whenever I leave his office though LOL). I also don't want my acne to "relapse".

ALSO, he's given me a benzoyl peroxide cleanser in my last visit. I usually use salycic acid but I decided to try this. I've gotten two pretty deep cysts after a few days of using the cleanser, is this normal? Because I haven't had cysts in like two months? Or is it just a reaction to the dryness? Maybe this is just the breakout I've heard of before the Oratine treatment is over (I've heard stories of people breaking out badly in their 4th or 5th months of taking it

Thank you. :)

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