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Anyone else here gluten-sensitive/Celiac and experience fatigue??

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Five years ago, I began college and developed incredibly debilitating fatigue. I suddenly became so tired that I couldn't walk a few blocks to school every day. I couldn't carry 4 courses and eventually couldn't even carry 1 course. I'd fall asleep while driving on the freeway and I never felt refreshed after a good night's sleep.

I've been sleeping almost constantly for 5 years. In fact, the joke in my family is that I'm Rip Van Wrinkle. To make things worse, I became a vegetarian/vegan around the same time. This made everyone say that my diet was the cause. After 9 different doctors telling me things like, "I'm imagining the fatigue," I finally found that I am a Celiac. This supposedly is the source of my acne too which has plagued me for 14 years.

Within a month of being off gluten, I could stay awake all day and make myself 1 meal a day. This in itself has been a blessing. Now four months have passed and I can take showers regularly and even haul my own groceries. I also can't believe the personality changes that have occurred. I'm no longer moody or anxious. I'm a very calm person (I never knew this!).

I read that the fatigue caused by Celiac Disease can take up to 2 years to go away after gluten has been removed from the diet.

I had no other symptoms of Celiac Disease.

Has anyone else had this debilitating fatigue for Celiac Disease?

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