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First off, my acne is not 100% clear. I would say it is about 95%. I'm just going to share with you what has been working for me. I've only been doing for about 3 or 4 days. I believe I will be 99% clear in a matter of days.

1. Diet - I avoid sugar, dairy, and excess saturated fat.(I'm putting this first since I'm posting this on the Nutrition & holistic health board.) I also eat alot of alkalining foods. I've been doing this for awhile now. Probably doing this for 5\6 weeks. I've done many diets in the past as well. I belieive it helps, but I'm startin to believe its not that big of a factor FOR ME.

2. Exercise - I exercise every other day. Mostly weight lifting. I always get a sweat going with a little aerobic at the end. Then I step into my homemade sauna (steamer bathroom) and sweat for about 5mins. been doing this off and on for years.

3. Short Cold Showers - This might be the most important of the 3. Hot\warm water strips the skins of its oil, therefore the body produces more to fix the dry skin you have created. Since starting the cold showers my skin(face,body, and scalp) have not broken out or have they been itchy. My skin tone is improving. There is still some flaking going on , but it takes 20+ days for the skin to renew itself. I used to get large painful ones on my scalp. That is where i let the warm\water hit me most of the time in the shower. 3\4 days I've been doing this.

My cold shower routine goes something like this:

First I get wet with luke warm water. Just wet. I mean like 5 seconds. I lather my body with just regular dail soap. I let the water hit my face just enough to knock the sweat and surface oil off.zI use nothing on my face. I stand under the shower head long enough to rinse the soap off my body. Then I take about a 60 second cool\cold shower. You don't want to get your face wet that much at all. Just enough to clean the sweat and surface oil off. Back in the day people used streams, river, and lakes to wash. They didn't stand under hot water for ten minutes at a time.

I hope they don't move this to a different thread. For the last year I've been on acne.org this is the only thread I have look at before a few day ago.

Also, this thread below makes alot of since too. It worked for some, but not others. Its about washing your face very little or not at all. Its long, and I only made it throug half way.


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