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Hello all,

I thought this would be the best place to start as I am UK based so my posts would be more relevant to fellow Brits.

I am a 48yr old male and have had mildish Acne all my life. Mostly on my back these days, fortunately my face isn't too badly affected. I have in the past had antibiotic courses, in my 20's but more recently any attempt I have made to get help at the GP's is usually met with "it isn't too bad try clearasil" !

My Acne hasn't been that bad the last few years, never truly free and sadly scarred, but suddenly it has flared again. It has always been depressing for me and has, as you will all know, at times ruined my life. I just found this site, never really thought about surfing about it before , I guess I just grew to live with it.

I am now motivated to try and do something about it, yep even at 48, so I will start the regimen as set out here. I am using Dove super sensitive soap, then Panoyxl 2.5%, followed by an AHA mosituriser. If anyone has found a good AHA moisturiser in the UK please let me know?

Not satisfied with just the regimen I have bought a Britebox blue/red LED light to try and will also be taking colustrum as per another thread. Also including red apples in my diet and beetroot juice. I will be trying to watch my diet too ! If you can think of anything I have missed LOL, let me know !

I might try and keep a log of the effects and maybe even post photos.

Really nice to read you guys, at least I dont feel quite so alone with this awful, awful affliction !


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The best thing to do is to find your recipe. You can use AHA but you can also use other stuff, like Neutrogena transparent soap or a soap based on Tea Tree Oil (I am using all, ha, everyday I change my cleanser). If you use a moisturizer, you can mix it with a little bit of Tea tree oil. If you have zones that always comes a bastard, you can try Azelaic Acid (I am using Skinoren in my chin and it is doing pretty good job).

If your zits or pimples or whatever it is take longer to heal, then you need to deal with bacteria using BP, Tea tree oil, even geranium .. research and test what is helpful. Also, you can boost your immune system by taking Echinacia or propolis (I am taking Echinacia and seems to be working ... this you take pills for some time, then you take a rest and so on). I am just doing my research, trying to use the less thing. Also if you have oily skin, remember to moisturize and use oil absorvent sheets).

For the bastard, you can avoid inflammation with SA 4%, BP, TTO and even take some Ibuprofen pills.


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Welcome!!!!! I am so glad to read of someone else over the age of 40 and still dealing with acne. I am 46, had mild acne in my 20's, then raging cystic acne in my 30's. After 3 years of antibotics and OTC medications, I finally started taking accutane 3 1/2 months ago. I'm finding that my skin is looking wonderful, but my joints are starting to ache - a side effect that my doctor thinks may subside if the dose is reduced.

This site has been a wonderful resource of information, I wish you luck in your journey!!

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Thank you for your words. I did ask the Doctor once for Accutane and he just frowned sent me on my way with Oxytetracycline. I wish I had been given the option when I was 20 and at my worse, it might have helped save some of the scarring. I have been thinking about the laser treatment but it is expensive here so will try the BP and LED light for a couple of months first.

Would be nice to try Dan's products despite the shipping costs to the UK , maybe when this batch runs low.


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