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Bumps all over face!

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I have bumps all over my face. I have really small bumps; my skin looks kind of like it's slightly irritated, if you look up close in the mirror, around my cheek area. They're kind of small flat slightly pink mounds on my cheek, almost unnoticeable. It's not irritated, though!

I also have non-comedonal (?) acne, but that's been shrinking up a little bit ever since I tried rose water.

I've been trying to get rid of the bumps with a cleanser, but that's not doing much to get rid of them, except shrink them. They've been here FOREVER, I've just been looking at my face in dim lighting or good lighting for the past few years.

I tried rose water, and it worked to shrink the acne a little more, but rose water doesn't keep very long. I also have an acne scar or two on my chin from picking whiteheads.

Does anyone know something I can do with the bumps? The scarring is less of an issue.

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It is difficult to assest your problem. If it is not acne, then you should ask a dermatologist. If you don´t have oily skin, mmm my only suggestion will be to check Avene Cleanance K and test it in a zone of your face only, not the T zone.

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I think this counts as acne, albeit a very mild case.

So I will try the Avene Clearance K. Where do you get it?

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It is expensive, so if you want to try it, it could be helpful. Contain Glycolic Acid and Salicylic Acid, little by little eliminate bumps. If you try this, use it only in a zone of your face that is not the T zone (just to test). I am not sure this will work, you have to research, try and test to see if it works. Perhaps it does not eliminate the little bumps but it will stop the appearance of others.

Other stuff for acne skin comes from Neutrogena, Roche Effaclar.

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Garnier have some cheap/effective stuff. Those little bumps should dissapear with something. I am just guessing, if you post a picture would be better to see what are you really talking about.

Products for acne: Avene, neutrogena, Roche Effaclar, Garnier, Clear & Clear, Vichy Normaderm.

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