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My boyfriend has NEVER seen me without make-up

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It's interesting to read through things like this, understand how things might work from a girls perspective. It's perhaps easy for guys to think, 'Girls don't have anything to worry about because they can cover up', but that's totally incorrect. Sure, it might be easier to mask it, but it doesn't remove the anxieties and so on. The skin problems are still there. Plus you might also end up feeling like you're hiding behind a mask and not really being yourself. That mask could become a crutch.

If I were to offer a guys perspective, I really don't think I'd care if a girl/partner/whoever didn't cover up. Doesn't change who they are to me. If I had a partner with problem skin and they trusted in me enough to go without makeup and show who they are, being totally open and displaying that sense of vulnerability, I'd adore every part of them for it, no doubt.

It's probably different when meeting new people, dates and so on, what with first impressions and all. This is on my mind right now as I have a date on Friday! :redface:

Ultimately, I just think if we're given the chance to show someone that we are nice, happy and confident people with lots to give, any physical imperfections just melt away in their eyes. They might even think, 'The fact they have acne but are still happy is cool and it makes me admire them more'. That's certainly what I'm hoping for on Friday anyway! :lol:

But, if people didn't give us a chance and made their assessment of us purely on whatever they see in a matter of seconds, that's their problem and their loss.


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Me and my boyfriend are together for a year. This winter we were on holiday together in the mountains and at the beginning I was afraid to see me without makeup as well ... I also had many acne scabs due to the attempt to bother me a bit more large pimples ... I finally closed the lights and we are left only with a soft light ... he made ​​me understand that I have this problem and knows not to be afraid ... I pulled off the trick and we made love ... from that moment on I realized that he accepts me as I am and sometimes I'll see during the day when he is not wearing makeup .... I would not get tired of having a girlfriend with these problems because I am ashamed of others, not when we are at home me and him. .. although at first I slept with a lot of makeup and had her entire face greasy and bad the next morning ... which was much worse ...

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HE WILL LOVE YOU NO MATTER IF YOU HAVE ACNE. Guaranteed or your money back. He's fallin in love with your laugh, and sarcasm, and your beauty of how you see the world. Shit, guys fall for me over the porcelain skin girl with the short skirt all the time! Weird I know. Guys are attracted to auras, and how you speak, your personality, you know this. My boyfriend loves me when I wake up even when I yell at him not to kiss me, because I have my acne cream on lol. I mean he's been with you guys this long, stared at your eyes and noticed the bumps you try to cover up with concealer, but were never foolin anyone with our make up.

And you are in the process of trying to eliminate your acne to a manageable level, so am I, and I have entirely ditched makeup, I am letting my skin breathe and heal, best decision I have done, along with changing my diet. You see, all I have is time, and I don't have time to wait to grow out of acne, I am going to try EVERYTHING in order to get it under control, and honesty I almost have. Everything except accutane, and I have seen significant results, things take time, and I am ready for this battle. I give you guys good vibes. xo

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I think you girls should be looking at the situation from another angle:

The fact that you're consistently in relationships is a pretty awesome thing, something that I'm envious of. Maybe you feel like you're hoodwinking them, but you're not...they can probably tell that your skin isn't perfect and would have bailed ages ago if it had truly bothered them.

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If it makes you feel better try wearing less and less make up around him everyday - till you feel comfortable wearing no make up around him.

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I have been with my boyfriend for almost 8 months now. And during those 8 months, he has NEVER seen me without my full "face" on. This is incredibly frustrating for me because I know this is terrible for my skin and it also makes me very insecure. I know you will all say just do it, what's going to be so bad about not wearing make-up all the time but I know myself. I'm not going to NOT wear make-up. I don't consider myself vain, I am just very embarrassed about how different I look without makeup. I feel fake. I have no self-confidence or motivation to do even the most mundane errands without makeup on.

When he sleeps over of I sleep over, I sleep with my makeup on. I know, shame on me. And then, I reapply makeup the next morning onto an UNWASHED face. Double shame on me. When I have to take a shower, I stay in the bathroom and do my makeup before I come out. It's very uncomfortable because it's so steamy and I get very hot but I cannot go outside and let him see me! I carry makeup in my purse EVERYWHERE I GO. I am psychotic about makeup.

I make up bogus excuses why we can never go swimming, to the beach, camping, etc. Basically, any place where it would be difficult to wear makeup.

This is so stupid and I am so jealous of people who have perfect skin and make the natural look seem so beautiful. I am so ugly without makeup, I'll be honest. I am not ready to let him see my bare face yet. In fact, I cancel dates/make excuses on my worst skin days :(

Any have similar anxieties?


I know exactly what you mean. I don't even want to go outside to get my mail without make up on. I literally don't go to the gym because I don't want to sweat off my make up and for people to see me with no make up on. But seriously if your man truly loves you he will not run when you take off your make up. Just take it off one day and see what he says. Maybe he will surprise you. I don't wear my make up in the house or sleep in it (I hear you can make your acne worse like that). But trust when I say that I am just like you!!!!

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my boyfriend's gonna sleep over next week for a night.. i am so scared. i have red marks everywhere and i kno he's a guy who is into beautiful girls and thinks that complexion is very important. I'M SO SCARED. What do I do... I need to slowly learn to feel comfortable in my skin. Cus the more uncomfortable I get the more red I get. HELP ME...

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