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Had laser treatment and lost facial hair

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Hey I had a course of laser treatment and microdermabrasion to clear up post acne hyperpigmentation and now the facial hair on my cheeks is not regrowing at all, is this normal? has anyone else experienced it? Will it ever grow back?

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Guest frogskinshoelace

Ive never heard of that happening. Im getting my first laser treatment June 8th, I hope I dont lose my facial hair. How well did it get rid of the marks btw?

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Depends on the laser, frequency (longitude) and depth. (I guess! ... :liar:)

Fraxel for example, do not mess with your facial hair.

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If the laser is capable of lasering hair and it was at the needed setting, then it could have zapped some of your hair....however, usually if you're being treated for acne/blemishes, etc. then even if the laser is capable of removing hair it won't be on the same setting....so more than likely the heat just burnt the hair off and it'll regrow back when that hair cycle kicks in. Hairs die every so often, go dormant, then come back, so when your hair comes back depends on their individual cycle. Might be a few weeks or a month or two. I think 3 months is max.

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Just went into the clinic and they were very concerned and said that it happens but rarely happens. Apparently the hair follicles could be permanently killed, and if they do not regrow in the next few weeks I will be building a malpractice case, as I was not told that this could happen in the slightest (nor in any contract I signed).

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