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Accutane Nightmares (legitamitly)

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Hey Im 17 and would like to thank the people who help me with a couple questions i had on accutane.

Im now on day 5 and every night since I started Ive either had really wierd dreams or scary i mean like i woke up SCARED nightmares that break my sleep.

its not really bothering me because its a small price to pay for clear skin but I was wondering does anyone else get this

so far my IB has been very mild ive had many worse breakouts resulting from no medicine so i dont mind this at all. Im really dry around and on my nose. but again who doesnt get dry skin from accutane lol? isnt that what its supposed to do.

Im really excited to be on this and wanna keep posting my side effects every week. so anyone else pitch in on tips and advice as well as what I can expect

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I had really vivid dreams for the first couple of weeks. It kinda freaked me out as I never remember dreams, but they seemed to go back to normal after a while. It's early days, and from what I've seen it takes a while to adjust to being on Accutane. Good luck to you.

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I'm 14 and have the same side-effect happen to me. I've been on it for a month and a half and I haven't been able to sleep well AT ALL. Several nights I've woken up screaming and i've woken up crying before. I have the same nightmare that begins in the same place every night and stops in the same place every night. This morning I woke up crying and tired so I tried watching a couple episodes of my favorite show and after I did I tried putting my headphones in and going back to sleep but the only thing about my nightmare that changed was that I was watching my favorite show and listening to my iPod in my nightmare. It's really weird and I'm afraid to go to sleep.

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