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Product to use AFTER accutane

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Hey guys and gals!!! I am finishing my accutane treatment next week :) I am wondering though what is a good cleanser, toner and day cream to use after being on accutane???? I am 28 years old and I am wanting to use anti ageing product but am kinda scared to try anything!! Any recommendations?? Advice would be awesome on what worked for you!!!

Thanks a million :)

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Hiya, flutters. I don't use a toner, but I do use Dan's cleanser. For moisturizing I use either Olay Complete with spf 15 or the drug store brand equivalent (never had a problem with any of them). Did your dermatologist give you a retinoid to use for aftercare maintenance? If not, there's a fantastic sticky thread about OTC retinols here: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/OTC-topic...ds-t221817.html If you're clear now, you can pretty much skip the part about the initial breakout since there's nothing left for your skin to expel. Easing into regular applications with retinoids or retinols is a must though. They can be pretty harsh at first, but well worth it in the end. One other product I like to use once or twice a week is Dan's AHA. It could be any brand, but I like the consistency of Dan's. Using that is great because I don't feel a need to buy any harsh scrubs for exfoliation. It does all of the work (for the neck and hands as well!). :) Good luck finding some products your skin will enjoy.

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