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I have been reading posts and reviews about alpha hydroxy acid and am confused about wether it is good for dry skin or makes it worse. Everyone describes it as "irritating" and causes peeling and flakiness and then go on to say that it removes dead skin cells. So which is it? Thanks for any feedback. :doh:

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AHA works by breaking down the "glue" that holds dead skin cells together. So while it may initially make the skin look more flaky, what it's actually doing is helping the dead skin to slough off.

With continued use, it can help prevent dead skin cells from building up, so that the shedding is less noticeable.

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as cest said really, but when it starts to flake you need to slow down using it so much,

you want to ease into it, gradually is better than flaking right away.

what are you trying to achieve? aha is good for marks on the outer layer of the epidermis where as BHA is good for going deeper into the skin and exfoliating deep inside the pore, to remove clogged pores and black heads

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Thankyou for your replies. The problem is I have alot of blackheads on my nose, that nothing has worked to get rid of. So i am trying to take care of that, also trying to achieve smoother skin and more even skintone. I've read alot of reviews from people saying that aha cleared their blackheads. Salicyclic acid never seemed to do much for me. i ordered some nucelle mandelic 15 serum. But since it is so expensive and supposedly irritating i thought i would alternate with a cheaper aha every few days. I was thinking either lac hydrin 12 or alpha hydrox enhanced lotion. Any suggestions or experience with these products? Also what is the difference in the effects of glycolic and lactic acid?

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