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Going to the beach for a week

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I have been using Renova .02% tretinoin at night and Aczone in the morning for a few months now with good results, but I'm going to the beach in the Caribbean for a week in two weeks and am not sure if I should keep using the medication due to increased sun sensitivity. I tend to burn fairly easily without Renova (damn my Irish skin!), but am usually OK if I remember to apply sunscreen often. I haven't burned yet while on Renova because I use sunscreen every day, but I haven't been to the beach yet.

Should I quit Renova cold turkey for a week and start back up when my trip is over? Would I be OK with re-applying sunscreen frequently and possibly wearing a hat? Or is it hopeless at this point, and I'll need to avoid the sun most of the time I'm there?

I am planning on using the CVS zinc oxide SPF 45 sunscreen.

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks! :D

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I've been on Atralin (tretinoin, .05%) for over a year and I actually live on the beach so I don't think you have to stop cold turkey. I normally just keep my bottle of Aveeno in my purse and reapply frequently. And I always wear a hat when I go outside during the summer. I don't tend to burn so I'm a bit different than you but, if you just protect your skin, I don't see any reason that you should have to stop using Renova. Hope this helps!

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I'm going on vaca to the beach in a few weeks too. Thank you for posting so I didn't have to. My esthetitian told me to wear a wide brimmed hat, and sunscreen and i should be fine :)

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Thank you everyone for your advice! :) I think I'm just going to wear a hat and apply sunscreen often. I haven't noticed any increased sun sensitivity so far.

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