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What has been happening ever since I developed acne - I find a treatment and it works for about a week or so (I get up to 90 percent clear) then it returns to how it was before even though I'm keeping consistent with the treatment.

[Note that I've refined my treatments and have been learning since]

First it was simply washing my face several times a day. Eventually it must have irritated my face and it wasn't long before I was breaking out worse.

Then I turned to topicals because I didn't know much about acne and mainstream influence told me to do this. It was Benzoyl Peroxide. For a while it was working then it got worse than ever after a couple weeks.

Then I turned to other topicals like Differin. Plus using aloe vera. Which also worked for a while. All felt very unnatural though. Like it should.

Then it was antibiotics like Doxycycline 50. This made my skin about 95 percent clear the whole time I was taking them. But eventually the prescription ran out and the acne came back within a week of stopping. If I knew how harmful antibiotics are I wouldn't have tried them. But again I put too much trust in doctors.

Then I found the nutrition and holistic health section of this forum and realised it was the primary cause. I tried numerous dietary changes. First I cut out soft drinks, milk, excess sugar. Then I started taking supplements like fish oil and zinc and vitamin c. Later I added vitamin b5, vitamin E.

I eventually read about the scam of fish oil and how bad it is. Vitamin c seemed to make it all worse, I read about the alkaline/acidic diet balancing. Seems the ascorbic acid wasn't helpful. Vitamin b5 did nothing for me so I stopped that and also vitamin E.

Started taking colostrum with seems to be the best thing I've tried. Keeping me consistently clearer than I was before. Around 70 percent clear. But that's still 30 percent acne. I'm undecided about zinc and at the moment I'm taking it this week to see how my skin is and then I won't be taking it next week to see what happens. I have a feeling it's not help if not making it worse. An allergy or something I don't know.

One of the latest things I tried was "water therapy". Drinking 1.5 litres of water as soon as I wake up then not drinking anything else or eating for an hour. This was supposed to help with acidity plus cleanse the system. Along with this I was drinking the juice of 1 lemon at night along with water (1:1 ratio). Now for a week or two this was really helping, then it got worse again. I hadn't even changed anything.

Can anyone explain how my acne seems to jump these hurdles? It makes sense that it'd get worse after initial success with topicals (don't use them) but how would it do this with dietary factors?

Additional details:

At the moment I'm still doing the water therapy and lemon cleanse.

I'm still taking colostrum (around six grams on empty stomach)

I'm experimenting with zinc

I'm ATTEMPTING to masturbate less frequently as I seemed to break out after doing it 4/5 times in one night.

I'm going for walks. Plus other mild exercise.

I'm not washing the acid mantle from my face very often.

No topicals or anything on my face at all.

Perhaps contributing factors (tell me if you think I should stop):

Staying up late. Sometimes I need to do this to ensure I have an empty stomach before lemon.

Taking a protein shake (Coconut milk, rice milk, protein/carb mix, 1 egg) I've cut down to 1 a day.

Eating lots of potatoes (was born lactose intolerant but "grew out of it")

Masturbating quite often. (Mentioning because it might be contributing) - I heard some people swear it's the sole cause of their individual case of acne.

Picking acne (just the white tips) - I can't help it.

Having four slices of bread a day ("wholemeal" - is that similar to wholegrain?)

Drinking Powerade (six a week)

Having cheese in sandwiches each day for lunch.

If you managed to read all that and survive.. what do you think of all this?

From GreenMond

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I knew it was too long to read...

It's not too long to read! I almost finished reading the whole thing :)

Basically, I have the exact same problem you do, except I'm a girl so mine flares with my cycle. I try something, it seems to work for a couple days, and then it just stops.

I might try rotating regimens... for instance, honey one week, apple cider vinegar the next? I don't know, that's just a suggestion. And you seem to be a lot more educated about this than I am -- I'm just now, after having acne for five years, learning about the holistic approach.

So yeah, perhaps find a couple of things that seem to really work for you and rotate on and off. Sorry I can't give better advice!

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This has been known to happen to plenty of people. It's been said that it can take up to 3 months to see if a certain treatment is right for you. During that time people often experience an initial breakout. Also sometimes the skin can adapt to a treatment and become resistant to it (just like how the body can become resistant to some antibiotics over time).

Looking at what you're doing now, I'm questioning the lack of sleep, Powerade, Protein Shake and picking your face. Lack of sleep...well obviously that's when the body rests and repairs itself. Powerade, like most sport drinks, are notorious for having a lot of sugar and salt. The sugar could spike your blood sugar level and produce more hormones. Also check your protein shake. It's possible that it has a really high amount of iodine. Sometimes too much iodine can really break people out. (I know it does for me!) Picking your face is also a bad habit just because it can easily spread bacteria.

Gooood luck!

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