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Keeping Face Off Pillow

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Could anyone give me tips on how to keep my face from touching my pillow at night? I always notice when I wake up that my face has been rubbing on my pillow.

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I always sleep with my head like on the edge of my pillow and with my hands between my pillow and face mostly on my ear, so my face doesn't touch it.. My face never touches my pillow :) I hope you understand :P

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This is a tough one for me too. For a while I was trying to train myself to sleep on my back, and it kind of worked, but I just wasn't getting restful sleep. If that's a position that you can get comfortable and fall asleep easily in, then I'd do that.

What I do right now is just kind of rest my hand on my pillow and rest the scalp part of my head on my hand, which keeps my face elevated off the pillow a bit.

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You could try changing your pillowcase more often to reduce dirt and bacteria accumulation. Also try making your pillowcase softer. I think Dan posted some videos doing laundry and compiled his results, so you could look at that to find out how to make your pillowcase softer.

Or you could try to make yourself more tired by exercising or drinking something that makes you sleepy, there are teas they make for that. That way when you fall asleep, it will be a deeper sleep and you won't move around so much.

I hope this helps a little.

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get a "sobakawa buckwheat pillow" you can contour it easier so it doesnt touch your face

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I don't know why you don't want to touch your pillow. Just keep the pillow clean, perhaps change pillow every day.

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