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Dry Scalp and Dandruff are not the same

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After a little research I've found that I probably have dry scalp; not dandruff.

Dandruff isnt even white. Its yellow or orange.(from what I've been reading)

Anyone know more abount the difference and any remedies for dry scalp please let me know.

I've tried many "dandruff Shampoos" (head + shoulders, selsom blue, etc..) which probably made it worse.

the reason I'm asking here is because I think my dry scalp, dry face(where i have facial hair) is related to my acne problem. When I've been clear of acne, I've also been clear of dry uitchy scalp and face.

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try e45 shampoo, I have that same dry scalp problem.

even made my hair thin out.

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Good post and interesting info.

Look into Candida Over-growth; there are several symptoms of it and acne, and itchy skin are two of them.


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I've started taking cold shower for the last 2 days. I think warm\hot water was stripng the natural oils from my hair and body. I start out with the water at (luke warm\slightly cool), then cleanse myself. At the end I I take about 60 secs under extremely cold water. So far, my hair and face seem less itchy, but I still have some flakes.

I remember doing this before when I had clear skin. But I somehow over looked it as a remedy. So I will continue with the cold showers.

This alone will not stop my acne, my diet(high alkalineing diet and maybe exercise too) is still the major factor. But I think it is the main cause of my dry skin. I guess time will tell.

On a side note; I've been clear twice before when I was majorly depressed. The reasons why I believe were due to not eating and not showering. No eating = no toxins coming in. Not showering = no dry skin. Maybe sleeping all the time played a role too.

I read about half way through this thread. Its about not washing your face at all. Some have had reat success. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Natural-R...en-t222289.html

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