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Okay so about 3 months ago I started getting acne badly only around my mouth, Im 17 and Ive always gotten a zit here and there but now its to the point where Im just so unconfortable and depressed. I keep skipping school cause I dont feel like I can handle it with acne, my face is in so much pain and I can't stand the embarrasment.

> Ive been on the Birth Control Aviene for a year but I went off it for a week and switched to Yasmin hoping that it would make a change on my face. I've been on Yasmine now for 5 days and my acne seems to be getting worse, instead of just around the mouth I am started to get a few zits on my cheeks.

> My acne all started when I got this weird dry lip thing so I started using Lip chap like crazy, my eating habits also consisted of chocolate and I had started using a Vichy face cleanser which I had never used before.

> My acne was getting worse and worse and I could see all these invisible zits that would soon turn to bigger zits.

> I then started using clearasil cleansing pads and clean and clear spot treatment but those just made my skin horrible!

> I also have been on and off using Toothepaste and Lemon juice on my acne, but I am yet to see any visible changes.

> When I realized how bad my acne was I changed my whole routine around, I exercise daily, I drink lots of water and tea, I stay away from chocolate as best I can and try to eat healthy.

I am really at a loss of what to do know, I need a cure !

Does anyone have any suggestions? or any home remedies that work?





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I COMPLETELY sympathize. Fuck, I hate lip zits. The nastiest things around =/

You're not actually supposed to do this, but here's what I do.

When I see a zit, I immediately put toothpaste on it and leave it on. The next morning there's a noticeable burn. However, if you put Neosporin on it immediately (and only on the burn), it should heal in less than a week with only a tiny scar, whereas if you had left the zit just come to a head and heal it probably would have taken about 3 weeks. Personally Id rather have a scab lookin' thing than a tender zit, but that's just me.

That probably wasnt very helpful, but oh well.

Also! Ive read that acne around the mouth is purely hormonal. Theyre simply arent enough large pores on the upper lip and surrounding area to cause huge zits on their own. Ive just started this herbal supplement called Vitrex (agnus Castrus is the scientific name) and holy fuck is it wonderful. It regulates your hormones and decreases hormonal acne. It only costs about 10 dollars at a local health store, and you see HUGE differences within a week or so.

I hope that helped a bit. Understand that youre most definitely not alone with mouth acne.

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