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smoking/drinking/drugs and acne?

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scientific proof it makes it worse?

drinking doesn't for me, but smoking does.

and well, i have tried drugs but that time my skin was perfectly clear.

but i know it's affected friends...

and for my other friend it's cleared up.

so let's have a debate?

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Yes it really effects your acne. Its bad for your liver, so it makes your acne worse. Or something like that. That could be not a main factor, but drugs, smoking,drinking really can effect in bad way your overall health and ofourse acne.

I did all those things. I smoked everyday, drinked alchohol usually once a week, also used drugs, like once in month. And yeah, it really effected on my growth, overall health, and acne, it became severe and inflammed.

Now i quit those things for about 6months~ , dont know exactly, but acne is less inflammed, and less severe, but still shit.

Smoking,drinking,drugs <----------- EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :evil:

Good luck! :)

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Meh, they effect me but more indirectly than anything. When I drink really heavily, I tend to sweat in my sleep which makes my skin break out. and if I get really baked, my food choices arewn't the greatest, which sometimes will impact my skin. But I don't think alcohol, thc, or nicotine directly make acne worse.

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uppers - coke, ecstacy, speed all make things worse...

downers/alcohol/weed dont seem to have any effect...from what ive witnessed haha..probably worth mentioning that when I am stoned I don't suddenly eat different and binge on junk. I'm still the same healthy person snacking on my same healthy foods... now if you get stoned and suddenly become an overindulgent fast-food eater, you may have to avoid smoking.

hallucinogens/acid/shrooms/mescaline - ???. I haven't noticed anything either way. I wouldn't skip doing one of these if you really want to do them just to avoid a breakout..

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well lets see...i know beer cause acne, but straight alcohol doesnt, weed is said to clog your pores? so i guess its true, and for other drugs i wouldnt know. if it doesnt cause acne it will definitely damage your body in other ways and that can prob lead to acne as well so yeah staying clean is the way to go

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Acne is most likely linked to overall health. Poisoning your body with drugs and alcohol can impair your bodily functions/hormones and cause adverse reactions.

Are there any scientific studies? I highly doubt it. Most people don't study drug/alcohol - acne connections. They're typically more concerned about the other complications they cause.

Don't drink. Don't smoke. Don't do drugs. You'll eliminate potential causes of acne and other stupidly self-induced health problems/concerns.

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I feel like drinking Guinness or red wine in moderation actually makes my skin better.

The key is moderation.

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Hmm, I guess they wouldn't be bothered to do studies.

Never heard of weed clogging pores, I know tons of kids who do weed and have the most perfect skin ever, whenevee I use it I'd get maybe 2-3 pimples. :/

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i've read on this site that studies have shown the boys and girls who smoke cigarettes appear to have less severe acne. i dont know if its true or not. but it is somwhere on this site.. look up smoking and acne.

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