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Best advice for managing the IB??

for those who have gone through the IB and made it out on the other side alive (i'm kind of in the middle of it right now, it's not pretty but i wouldn't say it's destroying my life either) ... what's the best advice to get through it?

my skin is dry during the day and i've mainly been breaking out around my mouth -- and while i'm at work all day, i don't even realize it, but i sometimes start picking at the dry skin, which obviously doesn't help.

does anyone have any specific products you've used that help reduce redness (redness of the pimples that is, my face isn't turning red) and/or help to prevent scarring?

thanks for your help!!

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Hiya adding a link for a cream ive start using which has really helped my skin clear up over the last few week it has also deeply moisturised my skin. I dont usually buy off the internet but i thought why not when i had the guarantee i could get my money back if it didn't work i also take b100 (not timed released) and aloe vera capsules ,my skin has never looked so healthy i still have acne but not as bad and it look healthy so my acne aint as noticeable. And no picking as j dont break out bad so bad no more. Give it a try and let me know. only been using this cream 4 abt 6 weeks but really impressed with the result, even my mates nick abit for there odd spot and were surprised on how well it works. And reduces redness and pimple size over night without burning or drying out ur skin. All the best :)

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