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Anyone on Accutane and Uninsured?


new member but not new to the site. this site has been amazing as far as advising goes so i'm hoping you can help me out on this one.

what is the most cost effective way to start the process of using accutane if i am uninsured? is there a such thing as cost effect means with accutane lol?

my acne makes me feel vain and i just want to not spend so much time on my skin or thinking about my skin. willing to deal with the risks of accutane so long as i never deal with breakouts once i've completed the course.

anyone out there who is uninsured and still managed to start accutane? how did you go about it? was it super expensive?

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hey whats good!

in case youre not elegible to medicaid , wich maybe you are and you dont know you may consider to find out this out.

i dont know in what state are you but im sure this goes to everybody in this country maybe with different states laws but this is what i know are the options here in in nyc.

if you dont have insurance you can go to any public hospital or call them to get an appoitment whit a dermatology. here in nyc the process to get an appoitment take bt 4.7 days if you dont have insurance you will speack with a social worker that depending your income can make you make co payments for your visits and possible presciption medication.

co payments goes from 15 $ and up depending your income. medicine price ranges depends s the hospital has pharmacy they will provide generic medication at low price comparing buying outside . accutane its not a drug for everybody , for me was what it worked the most . accutane has to be done with a montly dermatology visit , blood test to check liver function and medical examination. to take accutane in the united states you need to register to www.ipledge.com , usually your dermatology do this for you and provide you as well your ipledge card wich you will need to use every time you fill out your prescription that its only for 30 days , then you need to see your derm every month for a new presciption and this goes for the whole accutane treatment. usually bt 4/6 months.

your dermatology will be able to ask any questions you might have and educate you with information about accutane. what i like about the

if your are succesful whit this information and your dermatology consider you need accutane. go for it , it works if you work it!

good luck to you!


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