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It's a good thing when acne doesn't discust your clear skin friends or friends who have light acne BUT..

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Suprisingly in my country people don't react much to acne, yeah even if it's really bad (I saw a guy who had some bad acne and he was walking with his gf, who was a cute girl and the way she looked at him, you could see that she really was in love) it's also a quit normal thing to kiss someone on the cheak as a greeting, and i must admit i was pleasantly supprised that no one ever refused to kiss me on the cheak because of my acne (what's even weirder is that the most of my acne or should i say white heads are located on my cheaks :)) )

People just don't notice it or they don't pay any attention to it that much.. In my life i don't think that anyone ever told me that i'm gross, or that i don't wash myself or that i should see a dermathologist (no one ever made fun of my skin, people mostly made fun of me because of my height, since i'm 176 cm tall), it was all me, i have a fixation with clear, perfect skin.. When i see girls with clear skin walking with their bf's, my first reaction is always Oh that's why i can't find a bf, i have ugly skin..

I know it sounds dumb and i know most of you will be like Why do you worry about it that much, no one even notices it that much except you.. I have moderate acne on my face, chest and back, and it really influences my way of living.. I haven't been to a pool since i was 9 or so, my acne started showing up when i was around 11, and ever sence in never wore a shirt or a dress with an open back..i saw some girls with back acne wearing revealing shirts with open backs and i really envied them for having gutts to do it..i know i never could, i would be always looking behind my back to see if anyone's looking at me or somethin'. Also i rearly leave my house without any make up on.. I know it's bad for the skin but i just can't help myself, it's stronger than me..

I think i'm a nice looking girl, i never doubted that, but with acne i just feel like a castle surounded by thorns and i'm never sure when a guy looks at my face - is he looking at my face cause he thinks i'm preety or because of my acne?!

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I want to live in your country

Sure hop on in a plane and be on your way :)) btw it's in southern-eastern Europe

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i wish people didn't judge it like they do out here.... :(

Yeah some people are stupid and only judge people by their outside appearance..

Ok i must admit i had a situation once, in high school, when a guy who had preety severe acne (his face was really really red), he was really popular with the girls but he was such a terible terible person :P he once called me out cause of my acne but i just didn't pay attention so he never did it again.. so you see it's not only clear skined people that can call you names..it depends on the person, i have a bunch of clear skined friends who don't even notice i have acne, they never mention it.. I'm usually the one who starts the topic about my acne, because i sometimes need they're reassurance when i'm not feeling good about myself :((

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