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35 and about to go on Accutane

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I am new on here but after 10 years of suffering with cystic acne am about to go onto Accutane. Have tried everything and I mean EVERYTHING, I must have spent thousands of pounds on treatments, creams, lotions and potions! Anyway had all sorts of antibiotics and nothing works and finally got so sick of it all that decided I needed to see a Dermatologist. It's hard for me because I live with my bf in Amsterdam and I speak no dutch and am English so seeing the Doctors here is always interesting!!!!! Anyway they decided Accutane was the way forward as things are getting worse and not better - hoenstly at my age it should be lines and wrinkles I am worried about not spots and oily skin!

Get my blood results on Wednesday and then if all good go to get the tablets. Quite nervous about all the bad press but decided I have nothing to loose I am miserable as it is so a few bad side affects can't make me feel any worse than I already do :rolleyes:

WOuld love to hear from anyone in my age bracket in their 30's about their Accutane stories. I went back to the UK at the weekend and stocked up on all my products in readiness for flaky scalp, flaky skin, flaky eyes and anything else flaky that may happend to me :surprised: .

Gonna beat this and be pretty again..........

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I finished my last Accutane regimen at 29 years old. I am 30 now. I loved Accutane. Skin was perfectly clear when I used it. Skin wasnt really that dry at all. No real side effects. However, 2 weeks after stopping it, my skin was oiler than it ever was before, and now I am told I have Rosacea. So you need to weigh the pro's with the cons. Good Luck.

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Yeah I am sure there are lots of Pros and Cons - I do worry about how my skin will be afterwards. I am kinda expecting a miracle but not sure whether that is being tooo positive! I don;t have Rosacea and I hope I don;t develop that after aswell!

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Hi, Coxy. I took it at 31. No regrets. :) I was only on it for 4 months. I was supposed to take it for 5, but developed joint pain and mood swings that were effecting my family life. The side effects went away fairly quickly afterwards. Good luck to you!

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Hi Siava - yesh I have my boyfriend on full alert and if I get overly moody and start getting depressed he will let me know so we can discuss as I know with that type of stuff when it is happening with you sometimes it is hard to notice yourself!

I am reall;y hoping this will help me as today have woken up with so many spots that the glands under my shin are swollen and my face literally hurts to move - can't go on with this

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Hi Coxy!

Just checking in to see if everything was ok with your blood tests and if you've started yet...I'm on day 5 and I'm just starting to experience dry skin and flakiness. Other than that, no other side effects or IB yet. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Give us all an update! :)


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