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I'm 21 and I've had acne for 7 years and severe acne for about 6. My skin is so ravaged I now suffer from extreme dry skin, large pores, and permanent redness along with my severe acne. I've tried everything over the years including about all topicals, natural treatments, anti-biotics, and laser treatments with absolutely no results. I'm beginning to accept the harsh reality that I'll probably have this shit for life. I'm wondering if there are any extreme treatments out there that probably cost a fortune but work? I think i've heard something about resurfacing? I don't care if it costs $50,000 I would do it in a second if I had a good chance to end this bullshit. Are there any extreme treatments I can look into?

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Jim, I know your frustration. I'm 36 and I'm still fighting this. But, I'm beating it, finally, after all these years and all sorts of stupid treatments. I'm only 10 weeks into this, but I've got it under control and am only working on red marks. Mine was moderate acne, and I had it on face, back, chest, shoulders.

Before you throw money at the problem ... have you tried Dan's regimen for a solid 8 weeks? I don't use Dan's regimen, mine is different, but so many people have had success with his. I'd say give it a shot before you spend money on some exotic fix. Actually, if you're severe, give it 3 full months and see what you think. If you want to know my regimen, I'll write it up for you, but Dan's looks awfully good to me and I hate to recommend mine if someone hasn't at least tried Dan's or Botchlas first. The key is consistency, following it every day and not giving up during at least the first 8 weeks.

Please don't give up on what seems like a simple and cheap solution. You have nothing to lose, but you could find your solution smile.gif

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I'm real hesitant to try any topical regimens becaues for me they just make things worse. My skin is so ravaged from the years of different treatments that it's basically destoyed. It's flaky dry, red, oily, large pores, etc. I feel as if I never did anything since day 1, I'd be a lot better off now.

There has to be some advanced medical treatment. You can't tell me when some hot shot celebrity breaks out they go through the same BS treatments us common folk try. What's out there? What can I try? I would give up every worldly possession I own for a cure.

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If you have red, irratated skin already, accutane would only make it worse! As a matter of fact, there some of the side effects

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Aside from accutane, what other extreme treatments are there? There has to be some new cutting edge treatment or proceedure that derms or plastic surgeons do.

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Sad though it is bearing in mind it is 20 years old or something, accutane is still the strongest and most successful acne med there is. Laser treatment has proven to be very hit and miss, and only accutane actually works directly on your oil glands to surpress their action.

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Take accutane. I took it, had minor side affects....just more sensitive, dry skin, maybe fatigue nothing terrible at all and as for accutane causing scarring, I got maybe 5 small shallow scars while on it, one of which was from a cyst my derm stupidly dug out while I was on the med, plus I picked a little anyway...My derm went on accutane twice....Basically, if acne is destroying your life and your confidence take accutane. cancer patients do chemotherapy and radiation which is like the atomic bomb compared to accutane's bottle rocket

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Aside from accutane, what other extreme treatments are there? There has to be some new cutting edge  treatment or proceedure that derms or plastic surgeons do.
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I already know all about accutane. I'm looking for alternative treatments. I know there are some. I once read something about laser resurfacing, but I don't remember what it was about or what it was called.

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I have NO idea if these are good or not, but there is:

ThermaCool TC



You can read about them briefly in this article:

Article describing these procedures <click here

Copy of article also shown below:


New Acne Cures

The latest news on three future treatments

by Erin Verkler

No More Clogged Pores

Too much oil and sebum--the products of overactive oil glands--start the acne spiral by clogging pores. Later, bacteria move in to munch the oil, turning clogged pores into pimples. The usual remedies for oil overproduction, lotions and gland-shrinking medications, don't always work or can have severe side effects. Now, the FDA has approved a laser treatment that causes temporary heat damage to oil glands, which may reduce the oil supply.

In a study of 27 men with acne on their backs, the Smoothbeam laser therapy cleared up 98% of breakouts after four 5-minute treatments. It's also being used to treat moderate acne problems on the face, says Arielle Kauvar, MD, clinical associate professor of dermatology at New York University School of Medicine. The only side effect: Skin turns pink for an hour or two.

Drug-Free Pimple Control

A new, FDA-approved light treatment for mild to moderate acne is now available in dermatology offices. ClearLight uses high-intensity light to kill Proprionibacterium acnes, the "bug" responsible for acne pimples, bumps, cysts, and redness.

In a study at the State University of New York, 60% of acne breakouts cleared up after volunteers got two 10- to 15-minute treatments per week for 4 weeks. Their skin continued to improve for 3 months after the last treatment.

Light therapy may help teens and adults whose acne has become antibiotic-resistant and those who don't want to take antibiotics. If you have severe acne, however, you may still need topical or oral medication to control oil production and pore clogging. ClearLight has no known side effects.

Stop Wrinkles and Acne with One Treatment

Radio frequencies aren't just for radio stations. In a new study, 28 people with moderate to severe acne underwent a 30-minute radio-frequency skin procedure using a device called ThermaCool TC. Most had significantly clearer skin, and acne scars became less visible.

ThermaCool TC is FDA-approved for treating wrinkles but has yet to be cleared for acne. Doctors are not sure how the treatment clears up pimples. They do know that it shrinks the skin to eliminate wrinkles. In the process, it may be shrinking oil glands as well. That would decrease their output of pore-clogging oil and sebum.

Like lasers, ThermaCool TC generates heat under the skin and should be effective. "Radio frequency is a reliable, intense, and sustained form of energy," says Javier Ruiz-Esparza, MD, researcher and president of the International Society of Cosmetic Laser Surgeons in San Diego.

Page 1 of 1

Erin Verkler is a former Prevention intern


FYI - Accutane Warning:

Accutane Warning Article <click here

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I've tried smoothbeam and atleast for me, it's bull. It hasn't done anything. Maybe if they beef up the settings and I try it longer.

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I think what most people are trying to get you to realise, is that you need to get your active acne under control before trying any type of resurfacing techniques.

Smoothbeam (a laser treatment) is supposed to help with active acne as well as stimulating collagen to help repair acne scarring, but I'm not sure how well it works as I'm just going onto my 4th treatment and I didn't have severe acne....just a lot of scarring. They say you don't begin to see results until after your 3-4 treatment, but I have noticed that I don't break out very much anymore, although I contribute that to Dan's BP as well as the Smoothbeam treatments.

Anyhow, good luck with your search.......

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