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Ok so, I've been reintroducing foods back into my diet after being on a candida diet for a few months, I'm still taking the suppliments, still trying to keep it under control. Years ago I used to break out from eating dairy and gluten. But I have been eating both of these fine for the last month now.

But here is what the problem is. I went out drinking on Friday night and didn't feel at all hungover on saturday and felt fine. My first real sugar after about 8 weeks. Then on saturday I went to this new milkshake place, they will make any milshake with anything of your choice in it( daim bars, dairy milk or galaxy chocolate, any fruits, nutella, hell even tic tacs if you want.

I had a milkshake consisting of banana, nutella(basically sugar, cocoa and hazelnuts)galaxy minstrels and milk. All blended together. It was amazing. But then I noticed about an hour after drinking it I started to feel sick. That night I felt awful, I wanted to be sick but couldn't and my boyfriend had to sit with me for hours. And I just attributed this to being gluttonous, the sugar I wasn't used to anymore and the rich chocolate. But then later on I noticed red and white bumps all over my legs, some on my arms and eventually by today have appeared everywhere. So I had the milkshake yesterday, and today the bumps have began to itch terribly, and my throat is swollen. So I'm thinking I was allergic to something most definitely. But I'm now trying to be sherlock holmes and pin down what exactly.

I mean it could have been any of the following:

1. The alcohol I consumed on friday. But I don't think it was this because my rash didn't appear til sunday.

2. The milkshake; either the banana or the nutella. I don't think it was the dairy because I've been eating that for weeks with no problems.

I haven't eaten bananas for months, I used to eat them everyday with no problems. The same for nuts. So I'm throughly confused.

I guess I should just go and get a skin test and they will be able to tell me, but really I could work it out myself with a process of elimination can't I.

I mean I can't think of anything else that might have caused it. I was out in the sun, but really, that would have be extreme to react to short intermitant bursts of sunlight.

So basically just want to know if anyone else has allergies to things that are not among the obvious list(dairy, wheat, yeast)

especially anyone with fruit allergies that gets the same symptoms as me.

I want to be as awesome as house and diagnose the crap out of myself.

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Guest DireStraits

Yay, lets solve this mystery.

Im guessing the nutella. Nuts are a common allergen, a few weeks ago i introduced organic peanut butter back into my diet and got these itchy bumps, some on my body and a some on my face.

Never eating that stuff again.

Bananas....nah dont think so mate, if anything you would have gotten a pimple from the bananas not that full blown reaction like you mentioned.

Alcohol, probably not mainly because the time frame you mentioned is too long.

Or...it could just be the massive combination of sugar your body took from that milkshake hahahaha

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Congrats on getting through the Candida Diet, but I've gotta question your logic now. You should still stick to a candida diet for the most part and only eat these foods once in a blue moon if you want to keep your candida in check. I know its gotta be an "ahhhh I made it feeling" after being on a strict routine for a while, but just wanted to warn you to be careful so you don't let the yeast come back which is common when people fall off the map.

As for your question, sounds like hives and yes that sounds like an allergic reaction to something you had. Tough to tell what exactly it was since you had a lot of stuff in a short time frame, but my guess would be the milk or the nutella as Dire mentioned.

Lastly Skin Prick Testing for Food Allergies are hit or miss, if your sensitive to a food but not allergic the skin prick won't do you any good.

Your better of getting an MRT 150 Food Sensitivity Test or an Elisa Food Allergy Test.


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What kind of alcohol were you drinking?

Alcohol (beer mostly?) can intensify allergenic reactions to other things...

It could be also that your body just went into sort of "shock mode" after not having been exposed to sugar, dairy, alcohol or any combination/all of the above.

Take an oatmeal bath.

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Cheers for the advice guys. My throat is still a bit swollen but the rash has pretty much gone now. All I had for breakfast was an apple and a bowl of plain puffed brown rice cereal with goats milk. I was told to drink goats milk and eat goats cheese as cow's dairy is very acidic, and soya is so chemically modified in the milk versions on the market it has little health benefits. And goats milk seems to be going down nicely. The cheese is yummy.

But yeah I'm still perplexed as to what it was. I found a video on a news website about a 15 year old boy that started to become allergic to bananas and eventually a lot of other fruits and then nuts.

So it could have been the fruit, then intensified in a dairy, nutty, sugary concoction that made my body go woah what the hell are doing putting this shit into your body.

And yeah same with the peanut butter dire! I bought some organic peanut butter from sainsburys to try and I broke out a few hours later. So I'm thinking it's nuts and bananas to stay clear of.

I'm going out on wednesday drinking again so if I break out in a crazy rash again I will know it's alcohol. I know alcohol is bad, but I love going out with my friends.

Yeah the candida diet is very hard to stick to strictly. I lost a lot of weight to begin with. I'm 5'6 and I went down to 7 stone in a matter of weeks. My metabolism is super fast. Only just back up to 8 now, so I need to keep up my protein and the goats dairy is helping. I'm just going to reserve sugar for the odd occassion as I don't want to exasterbate things again.

Obviously I'm drinking twice in a week, but this is my last few weeks at uni and I want to enjoy myself. If that sets me back then I guess I'll just have to suck it up. I'm trying to mould my new diet into something I can keep up for the rest of my life basically. I'm eating wholewheat bread and dairy, which is meant to be bad for candida but I think everything in moderation on a daily diet is what we need to be healthy.

But thanks for the help kids.=D

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Yeah I think you're right alternativista. I am also suspecting eating dairy again in general was a bad move. I've been consistantly itchy since drinking goats milk and eating the cheese. Strangely I was fine with cows dairy, I started eating that a month ago. But it did give me that cartyr on my chest, you know that mucousy chest thing. So I'm switching to almond and coconut milk.

As I seem to be able to digest cows dairy fine, I'll just have it once in a blue moon. Alcohol doesn't seem to effect me if I take my suppliments and give myself a detox day the day after. I was off my face last night, came home, ate a pizza and chips my friend bought me( which I wouldn't have done sober, I havent had chips for months, not even potatoes in general).

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